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How many Washington politicians would have walked away from the kind of federal investigation that President Trump was forced to endure? Any politician on either side of the fence? Could you? How about the unrelenting onslaught of attacks from the press corps? Most of these politicians seem to react much like the Wicked Witch of the West reacted to water when the press level any accusations against them.

Trump endured.

Between the Democrat Party, the Deep State, and the press corps if any wrongdoing could have been dug up or made up by team Mueller they would have after more than 2 years and 25 million dollars of the taxpayer’s money. Leading Democrats were so confident in Mueller’s team that they looked right into the cameras and blatantly lied to the American people as did the legacy media. It is said that a plumber views the world from his condition and this seems to be true of most of the politicians in Washington and of course the press. When you are corrupt you just assume everyone else is too. And they were all so confident … so corrupt.

How little would it have taken between the media and leftist propaganda to have ousted Trump from office? I can see the headlines now, “Trump kicked a puppy in high school uncovered by the Mueller team!”. And that would have been all she wrote! But the President didn’t kick a puppy in high school and he never got arrested for drunk driving or accused of doing drugs at any point in his life and no one has ever accused him of beating up women. They wouldn’t have needed the Russian story if Trump had been getting oral sex from male prostitutes while snorting cocaine like 44 is accused of. Let the Mueller team be reassembled to investigate that!

President Donald J. Trump may not be a perfect man but compared to almost all of the politicians in Washington and most of the press corps he is what used to be referred to as an all American Boy Scout. We don’t use that reference anymore because it has been so long since we have seen one.

What the Mueller investigation proved is that Donald Trump is an angel or at least as close to one as we’re ever going to see at the capital again. Rejoice!

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