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I am not vilifying Donald Trump. I am harshly criticizing all the others who have hopped on the “bandwagon” to say I told you so. And especially the other ‘men’ who are damning him. I agree that it is “locker room talk”. I doubt there are many men alive today that have not uttered, or at least laughed at similar words.  He did not say them publicly. He was  boasting, like most men do.

Ladies, how many times have you heard “…all the guys said you do….”? You know they lied just for the purpose of personal gain, or “…the guys…” lied for bragging points!

The person I would vilify today, is the one who released this tape for the points, financially and professionally, that will be gained. That, in my opinion, is the very worst any man can do to another. To release such language publicly, is abominable. Our Society has gone below the “dirt-line” to repeat, and make public, such words, especially for the ears of our young, and for personal gain. I dare say, Pres. Bill Clinton has not been the upright gentleman in his private conversations with-in the circle of his male friends.  And Hillary, with her propensity for the “F” word, her known temper, and many lies, is certainly no “lady” for the Oval Office.

Again, I would like to know, as long as we’re vilifying others for our own benefit, just exactly who was the “low-life” that held on to this tape, and has made it public at this time. Others like this individual will say it was brilliant to save it, and to release it now.  I would proffer that this person is a member of the Media.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, I ask you to take a good long look in the mirror, especially those of you in the male segment of our Society, and tell yourself that you are the perfect, Angelic, role model.

I accept the ridicule that such language is not “Presidential”, and I agree that it is not “publicly- Presidential”, but it was not being spoken in public, nor by a President. It was uttered by a man about to perform in a soap opera, who was possibly feeling the climate of the moment. I only wonder what was the attitude of those listening to such words, when spoken that day, on that bus!


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