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I don’t know what is worse, trying to build nothing burgers, watching our President for the last year and not coming close to figuring this man out, or listening to someone speak and jumping to conclusions. But I guess people are busy and maybe not paying attention as much as they should. No one has knelt on the basketball court yet anyway (as far as I know).

Remember DACA? As I recall Trump appeared to do the bait and switch on conservatives and give the Democrats everything they wanted on DACA and more. Yet they still refused to cooperate with the President because they won’t be part of giving him a win because muh feelings. So what do you think is going to happen in this case? Let us pretend that Trump is willing to make 21 the legal age of buying certain weapons. Do you really think the Democrats are going to sign off on that and give him a win with their constituency? Really? Of course they won’t they have mental disorders and Trumphobia.

Now let’s see exactly what the President said shall we.

What I heard is Trump saying he is open to a discussion on the matter and bringing up the point that 18 years olds can’t buy handguns. Why not? Do you think that should be part of the discussion? Do you think that the Democrats weren’t already pointing this out? He also said that the people in the room, not himself, would be making the decisions on what would be done if anything. Who’s the majority in the room Democrats? Noooo.

So what is Trump doing? The same thing he did with DACA preparing the Republican field for the midterms. Pretty hard to win an election if a good case can be made against your party of obstruction. People want to see things get done. Already reports have been coming in that top Democrat strategists believe that the gun issue will hurt them in the midterm elections. Trump is putting the last nail in that coffin. Democrats have a choice and both choices are very risky. Don’t work with the president and make their base happy exposing them even further of being obstructionists before the elections or work with the president, alienate their base and take the risk of their whole House of Cards to come tumbling down. They lose either way.

So before you buy into the Never Trumpers and the media’s talking heads just remember we’ve seen Trump use this technique before and we’ll probably see it again and the next time we see it the Never Trumpers and talking heads will once again try to convince you that our President is some kind of Benedict Arnold.

But like everything else that comes from these people it’s just a load of crap.

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