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Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach is 100% correct.

In a recent interview on MSNBC, the Kansan argues that no one should feel bad for saying that the illegal immigrants covered under Obama’s bad DACA rule need to be deported.

Instead, the people who have benefitted from DACA should be grateful to the American people, go home, and then try to come back LEGALLY.

While Kobach may not win over any converts to our cause with his direct methods, he’s completely right.

DACA recipent, and illegal alien, Angel Romero told MSNBC that he was quite worried. “I basically got the message that my country doesn’t want me here. It’s trying to get rid of me and that was, it was very confusing.” MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson wondered what Kobach might say to Romero who’s fearful about what comes next.

Kobach did not mince his words.

“A couple of things. One is that he’s gotten a great gift from the American taxpayer. He’s gotten the best free public education in the Western hemisphere. And, you know, he should be grateful because we the taxpayers have paid for that.

If you want to be part of the American country, then do it legally. Go to the home country. Your parents who brought you here illegally could go with you.”

This is the right way to look at the DACA issue.

It’s not Trump’s fault, or Kobach’s fault, or the American people’s fault that we believe our laws should be upheld. It’s not any of our fault that we believe that illegal immigrants should be deported. It’s not our fault when illegal immigrants are deported. Do you know who’s fault it is?

It’s the illegal immigrants’ fault.

If they had obeyed our laws and not entered the country illegally then we wouldn’t have to deport them. We wouldn’t have to uproot their lives.

The only people to blame for the sadness that surrounds enforcing our immigration laws are the illegal immigrants themselves.

You can watch the whole combative interview below:

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