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Democrat media piled on Trump as he declared the bombings in NY and NJ were the work of Islamic terrorists.  Hillary called it a horrible event that had nothing to do with Islam, and liberals think Hillary would do a better job in stopping it.  The Islamic State claimed the bomber is one of their own, but Obama says they are not Islamic despite the fact that they follow the teachings of Muhammad to the letter as written in the Koran and Hadith.  Hillary follows Obama in advocating for more Moslems to be brought into America from ISIS territory.  Trump calls for a moratorium on allowing Moslems into America, and he needs to promote deporting those whom Obama and Hillary have already imported.

NY, NJ bomber identified, Islamic State terror cell

Democrats call these lone wolf murderers mentally unstable just as they label all American citizens who own guns mental cases.  As Hillary calls for more Moslems to be imported, she campaigns for Americans to give up their guns and threatens to appoint Supreme Court Justices who would do away with the Bill of Rights.  One of the liberal’s absurd arguments is that guns are unsafe because so many people are killed in accidental shootings, about 500 people a year, but none of them are pushing to take away cars that kill 25,000 people a year.  Liberals actually fought against drunk driving laws and think they make sense, but they only promote nonsense.  Worse, they promote Islamic Sharia Jihad murders of Americans with their ideological support for Moslems on the basis of their ignorance of Islam.

There have been multiple major Islamic terrorist attacks under Obama every year and multiple smaller attacks.  Obama and the Democrats have hamstrung the FBI and law enforcement with the DoJ persecuting police who shoot criminals, while praising terrorist hate groups who murder police.  Make no mistake, Black Lives Matter is an Islamist founded group, and Obama and Hillary have every intention of making life easy for them.  Moslems are good people, they say.  As Jesus said, even those who hate God love their children.  Moslems who want to promote Islam, who want to impose Sharia law on America, are not good people promoting love, but oppression.  Those who love God do not commit “honor killings” of their own children, but those who submit to Allah do.

Democrats believe Islam is peace, which is why they are losing the war with Islam.  Obama and Hillary have funded and empowered the Jihad around the world and want to bring more of it to America.  Hillary says Trump is inciting Moslems to join the Jihad by naming Islam as the cause.  Those who are ignorant of the Koranic teachings of Muhammad to wage war on the infidel and how to do so believe her to be right.  This is why America is losing this war.

You don’t invite people into your home who want to kill you.

Fifteen years after 9-11 and America is losing the war with Islam

The Worldwide Sharia Jihad


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