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“Every other nation on earth protects its own interests. America is finally going to do the same.”  — President Donald J. Trump

On Friday, President Trump continued making the same economic and trade themed arguments that he’s been making for well-over a year. In his most recent message to the American people, he echoed the statements and speeches he’s been making in Europe as he discusses the importance of “free but fair” trade with our allies and partners. President Trump is telling the world that America is done giving our trade partners the better end of our trade deals, because the American people have begun to feel the impact of these imbalanced partnerships.

This message is exactly why President Trump was able to win victory over the Democrats in the important blue-collar states of the Midwest.

Transcript from the White House:

My fellow Americans,

Here at the White House, we are dedicating the month of July to three of our favorite words – MADE IN AMERICA. For more than two centuries, those three beautiful words have been the world standard for quality, craftsmanship and excellence – and they still are today.

As President, one of my highest priorities is to restore American Manufacturing.  For decades, American jobs have been ripped out of our communities, industries and towns have been stripped bare, and the entire communities have been uprooted and left.  Foreign nations got rich at America’s expense – and many special interests profited from this great global theft of American wealth.

Since taking the oath of office, our government has adopted a new philosophy: AMERICA FIRST – and believe me, it’s about time.  The era of economic surrender is over – and a new national pride is sweeping across our land. You see it, I see it, we all see it.

Industry confidence has soared to the highest level ever recorded.

One of my first acts was ordering all federal agencies to enforce two simple rules: Buy American, and Hire American. We want to build with American Workers, and with American Iron, Aluminum and Steel.

We are also tearing down every possible barrier to domestic energy production to unleash the full power of our economy. The American people will finally be allowed to tap into the vast energy wealth sitting right beneath our feet or right below our shores.

We have also sent a clear message to the world that we will not allow other nations to take advantage of us any longer.

That’s why I withdrew from the one-sided Paris Climate Accord – and believe me, it was one-sided. Not a good deal for our country. And the job-killing Trans Pacific Partnership, and that’s why we are pursuing a total renegotiation of NAFTA and if we don’t get it, we will terminate – that is end NAFTA forever.

Every other nation on earth protects its own interests. America is finally going to do the same.

And as we continue to fight for American workers and industry, it won’t be long before we see the Made in America label proudly displayed on thousands of new products all across this great land and exported all around the world.

Thank you, God bless you, God bless America. We are all doing a job, we are working very hard. It will be America First. It will be Make America Great Again. It’s happening.

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