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Trump to Prevent Annihilation of Nations?


In traditional Catholic (pre-Pope Francis) teaching, Our Lady gave three children of Fatima a secret message and commanded them to tell it to no one. Her words included a warning of the forthcoming “annihilation of nations.” American Patriot and Catholic Pat Buchanan believes in the authenticity of Our Lady of Fatima!

Our Lady told the three Fatima children of five scourges to fall upon the world if mankind did not repent and turn to God. The first four have come to pass. The fifth has not – if the prophecy is to be taken literally – and can still be avoided if the faithful will fulfill Our Lady’s requests. Are the world’s 1.25 Catholics largely remaining indifferent to her requests?

Traditional Catholicism has documented the apparitions of Mary through the centuries, holding to the view in the official Catholic Catechism that Mary is never to be worshiped or adored, but honored and venerated. In July, 1917, Our Lady simultaneously gave three children a warning regarding the possible annihilation of nations.

In a somewhat wider view of Christianity than Protestantism – a view which influenced many Protestants back to the Catholic Church, as seen on EWTN’s The Journey Home – Catholicism holds that Mary, her spirit reunited with her body as was Moses with his body – as we remember Moses’ reappearance with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration – Mary, alive in Heaven as the Mother of Jesus the King of the Jews, also goes before the King to intercede, as preceding queen mothers did with Old Testament kings of Israel.

Scholars believe that Queen mothers of the ruling House of David were crowned, occupied a throne next to their sons, and that both state and religious functions required their presence and attention. We do know from Scripture that these women exercised their influence from the time their sons ascended the throne and sometimes even into the reign of their grandsons as in the case of Maacah in 1 Kings 15 during the reign of her grandson Asa.

In this highly unstable and volatile hour in America, the prophetic word about the coming “annihilation of nations” spoken by Our Lady of Fatima is certainly of interest. Could these words refer to the “annihilation of nationalism” as is all around the globe? And/or do they refer to the destruction of physical nations?

As you read this, de-nationalizing globalism seeks to make America into one more colony! And Moslems do not recognize the nationalism of nations which are not Islamic – incrementally migrating in a “resettlement jihad” to many nations, to achieve a 51% demographic at which time they believe Sharia Law is to be enforced.

Nations are currently in stages of annihilation through total war. The real World War III that rages right now is a political war, economic war, a media war, a psychological war, and potentially a military war. All Americans are involved in a spiritual war to triumph in all these areas, in a fight to prevent the further annihilation of nations including America.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14  Most certainly the key to winning all the facets of the WWIII total war, rests in the active battles of daily spiritual warfare.

During our present crisis in human history, it is said that if we ignore God and Our Lady of Fatima’s peace plan (which has nothing to do with liberal-socialist Pope Francis and his Masonic and Marxist agenda) peace will come to the world, but after many nations are completely wiped off the face of the earth and that after many good people are martyred.

Two hundred thousand middle-eastern Christians are already martyred. Should we wait around and play games with God and be indifferent to daily spiritual battles – and encounter the further annihilation of nations? Or do we fall to our knees daily and humbly become pro-active with God…


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