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The unrepentant Marxist Merkel will meet with President Trump on Friday. The meeting was scheduled to take place Tuesday, March 14, but due to a severe winter storm bearing down on Washington it is postponed till Friday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel underscored the importance of free trade in a speech to business leaders in Munich, before her first trip to meet U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington for talks on a range of issues, including defense spending.

How will President Trump handle this woman – who flaunts her Marxist Trotskyism at every turn? As Merkel and Obama are puppets for identical puppet masters, will this not be like meeting with an overseas Mrs. Obama?

The Marxist Chancellor Merkel will momentarily bring her German “business mogul” mindset to accompany her. And with these NWO elite German businessmen enters Russia and “Globalism not Americanism” into the meeting.

For years, German investors and businessmen have invested up to a billion marks a day in Russia. Will Russia now feel threatened as President Trump may attempt to stem this tide, redirecting investment to America?

If so, will Russia defend Germany as its “protectorate,” saving Germany from millions of unwanted and unassimilating illegal immigrants? This would spoil Merkel’s Marxist multiculturalism for sure, but would save German culture and allow Russia to retain German investments.

Of course, the Masonic EU can’t have its de-nationalizing cake and eat it, too.  Traditionally, the NWO EU has seen the German mark too strong for the rest of the EU currencies.  Russia invading Germany under the direction of its part-time Mason, Putin, would fix that for the EU, while using the conquering of the de-nationalizing Muslim proxy illegals as its pretense.

At some point in the future, this is prophesied in the Bible. Christian researcher Grant Jeffrey lectured widely that, at some point, Germany – which in the Bible is Gomer – would side with Russia and then together would invade Israel.

But with President Trump in power this German-Russian alliance may be delayed, if Russia is thwarted from its involvement protecting its German investments – Russia appearing as Germany’s “protectorate” from the growing hoard of raping, grooming gang, pedophile illegals.  (As Russia was Finland’s “protectorate” in WWII.)

This implies, of course, that President Trump would have to come to Germany before Russia, as America would then be the German “protectorate.” After all, President Trump has powerfully declared he would wipe ISIS from the earth. Germany could be a good place to start.

Ideologically, at any rate, for President Trump this will be like meeting with Obama’s white female counterpart. For sure, the Marxist Dr. Merkel will be as unsupportive of Trump’s illegal alien crackdown, as he is unsupportive of her Obama-like open doors antagonisms to German culture. De-nationalization is her thing, as many Germans quietly flee to Hungary.

And then we have the issue of the NWO-supporting Bayer purchasing Monsanto. Monsanto was controlled by the international Rothschild banking cartel and also purchased the mercenary Blackwater for its NWO agenda. “Free trade” involving Monsanto is something scorned by We the People.

What is Bayer’s intentions for the destructive inferior-seed-dominating corporation Monsanto? Especially when Germany has led the way to ban this corporate garbage? And what does it intend to do with the mercenary NWO Blackwater? Ideally, these issues will be fully addressed at Friday’s pivotal meeting.


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