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The press has another charge against Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate said of Hillary Clinton “Such a nasty woman.” The press turned that into “All women are nasty.” It appears obvious that Trump meant that Hillary Clinton is unique among women in her nastiness. I tend to agree.

Does the incident suggest that Trump is misogynist? No. It is the usual press bias. The press has a long history of taking innocent comments from Republicans and turning them into nefarious slurs. Let us recall a few such events.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as the “evil empire.” The press concluded that Reagan would blow up the world. The last time that I checked, the world was still here, but the Soviet Union was not.

In 1992, the press wanted to defend Bill Clinton against rumors of affairs. They chose to push a false rumor that George HW Bush had an affair with assistant Jennifer Fitzgerald.

In 2004, CBS News’ Dan Rather pushed the story that George W Bush did not honor his obligations while in the National Guard. Rather even used a forged document to make his case. Rather lost his job over this.

In 2012, Mitt Romney referred to “binders full of women” to describe his effort to make sure that he could consider hiring qualified women. The press argued that the word “binders” meant that Romney wanted women in kinky bondage. All that they accomplished was to expose their own dirty minds.

Democrat presidential candidates say and do dumb things that one could ridicule. My favorite example is when Michael Dukakis said “When it comes to crime, I have convictions.” Somehow, the press never notices such comments.

In the case of Donald Trump, he often makes statements that are politically incorrect, but exhibit common sense. Some examples are:

Trump said “They’re [illegal aliens] bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.” The press turned this into “All illegal aliens are rapists.”

Trump called Obama a founder of ISIS? This turns out to be a slight exaggeration. Obama left Iraq and Syria is such a chaotic position, it made it easy for a group of thugs to turn into an army. Obama even gave ISIS money when he funded rebel groups against the Syrian government. Obama planted the seeds from which ISIS grew.

Trump accused a judge of being biased for being Mexican? No. Trump accused a judge, Gonzalo Curiel, who is a member of the group La Raza, which wants amnesty for illegal aliens, of being biased. Trump and La Raza are on opposite sides on this issue.

Trump is a bigot for wanting a moratorium on Muslim immigration? Trump observes that many people are committing mass murder while shouting “Allahuh Akbar”. To prevent more victims, we better have a moratorium on something fast. If not Muslim immigration, then what? You had better answer that question quickly. Your life depends on it.

Trump jokingly said that if Hillary Clinton wins the election, the second amendment people may have a solution to the problem. The press saw this as a request for Clinton to be murdered, so in their minds, it counts as an assassination attempt.

Trump had a private conversation caught on tape in which he said that he sometimes groped Hollywood women. Does this mean that he committed assault? No. He also said “They let me do it.” This means that they consent to it. Do not get upset with Trump. Get upset with the Hollywood women.

The pattern is that the press will always try to put the Republican presidential candidate in a bad light. The only way that Trump can avoid embarrassment is to be silent. That is the reporters’ objective.




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