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This election is a matter of faith, hope and restoration. Obama only worked on change. Faith is a factor as it is a personal belief that has long range affect. Many can believe but it is personal, because you have control. You might have faith in another person but no actual control. Hope is taking a chance on the unknown. A person running for office with no political record.  You hope he does the right thing.  You hope that he proves you wrong on some issues.

Trump does not meet the values of many evangelicals and conservatives, he does not use the Biblical language. His business and personal history is questioned.  For  some people that support Trump, HOPE is the key. They know his short comings, their eyes are wide open. They know anything can happen and they believe people can change. They know they do not have direct control. The opposition has a long political record and combined with the present person in the White House has been a disaster. We have to restore America from some of the changes Obama has made.

Which of the changes made by Comrade Obama did America want? Higher debt, more riots and burning, fewer jobs, wrecking the pension system, wanting out Iraq before the job was finished,  larger and more government control, higher energy cost? Is their anything that the people really wanted?

Obama was a new face in 2008. Not much of a record of any kind. He often voted present after being elected to an office. What experience does a community organizer have? Some people questioned his birth certificate, so what he finally produced one. I would check in to his schooling in Indonesia and his college transcripts and how he considered his citizenship.

Hillary had a record from the time in Arkansas politics and the Clinton administration.  In this time there were nine scandals along with a number of suspicious deaths including Vince Foster. For the 2016 election add  all problems in Libya, the Clinton Foundation, and all the problems with the unprotected home computer/server and all items used to illegally communicate.

The Republicans have to find a way to unite after the messed up primary system. I don’t know if there was ever a time with his number of candidates, seventeen. The people show their preference on a given date. The delegates are set to get a majority as the field is narrowed. If a candidate changes his position on an issue or tries to make the issue more clear could that vote be changed if  the primary date changed. The nominee should be Trump or Cruz. Trump had a consistent vote, the others split.

Even if  Hillary can’t be indicted because the legal threshold can’t be reached, she has made enough errors in judgement to be disqualified from the Presidency. Like Obama was not the best man of African decent to be elected as first black president, Hillary is not the one to be the first woman. Without other back ground and details here are a few names if they were willing to take the job: Thomas, Marshall, Keyes, Watts, Brooke, Powell, Rice, Kirkpatrick,  Palin, Fiorina, and Bachmann. Qualifications for president should be above race and gender.


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