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President Trump holds rallies all across the country – and it sure seems like he’s a very popular man.

The most recent evidence of this came during a massive rally that the President held in Green Bay, Wisconsin over the weekend. The event was timed to coincide with the annual White House Correspondents  Association dinner in Washington, D.C. Up until last year’s event, it was customary for the President to be the guest of honor at these events, but the press has become so blatantly anti-Republican that President Trump chose to forego last year’s dinner. (Which was a good idea, seeing as the chosen entertainment was a virulently anti-Trump “comedienne” and not a centrist entertainer.)

This year, Trump again chose to avoid the event in favor of spending time with people he actually cares about… American voters.

I think he made the right choice, and the crowd seemed to think so too.

Watch as the President riles up the crowd and riffs on Saudi Arabia, the Paris Climate Accords, the state of Paris itself, China, Greenpeace, the economy, and more.



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