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From what I have been reading on some web sites and seeing on television is that President Trump is abusing his flying privileges. According to self proclaimed reliable sources Trump has cost the American taxpayer a lot more than President Obama ever did when he was using the worlds most advanced piece of aircraft. Obama and family sat in the coach section of Air Force One thereby saving the taxpayers millions on his many trips to Hawaii. Trips to Africa, Europe and Asian they made on long distance discounts and travel miles. Trump of course always has to sit in the 1st Class section as if he’s better than everyone else.

Because President Obama was such a frugal spender of the taxpayers hard earned money he was able to keep travel costs extremely low. So low in fact that Trumps trips to New York and Florida have already surpassed President Obama’s travel expenses for his entire term in office. That’s the fact Jack. The Huffington Post, Salon, NBC and CNN all confirm this blatant abuse of the taxpayers hard earned money.

And it doesn’t end at plane rides either. Trump has been golfing. A lot. A lot more than Obama did during his first 6 weeks in office. Didn’t Trump try to make Obama’s golf playing an issue? Is this what he meant by keeping his promises?

Now of course some crazies on the Alt-Right are gonna claim that the plane rides and golf games brought in billions to Americas economy and hundreds of thousands of jobs blah blah blah. It is like a broken record with those people. When President Obama needed some rest and relaxation that is what he did so he could come to work refreshed on Monday morning and make rational decisions not try to mix work and party until he’s no longer able to mutter anything but “Make America Great Again” or “I promise you that” or “It’s gonna be huge.”

What we are talking about here are serious issues. Stealing taxpayer dollars to use Air Force One as some kinda Uber taxi between The White House and his vacation home in Florida is malfeasance. How corrupt is this Trump administration that they would go after some poor old lady over some e-mails while the President is committing fraud?

And then there is that lie about not taking a paycheck while he’s President. Oh he’s taking a paycheck alright. So what if he is donating it to some charity or organization the point is that he is a liar. That whole, “he is not allowed to not take the check”, is bunk. If he really believed his word was his bond he’d happily go to jail to keep his word to the American people he claims to love.

For these reason and probably many other seemingly insignificant but not actually minor offenses Trump should be impeached. And in a just world he would be and he’d probably be sent to prison too. But the Senate is run by the Republican Party and the Democrats would never be able to get enough RINO’s to even begin an impeachment process. A sign of the fall of civilization.

Sadly because of the Alt-Right and Cisgender White males these crimes will go unpunished and nothing can prevent further, similar crimes from being perpetrated upon the American public and Dreamers. The world will just have to sit there and take it as the George Soros/Beyonce Knowles funded protests have had no real effect. What is a politically correct, AntiFa and Islam loving decent humanist gender -fluid flower of the morning to do?

Sucks to be you doesn’t it.

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