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Reports are coming in from Politico that President Trump will announce a six-month delayed end to the controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA.

The executive order signed by President Obama allowed children brought illegally into the country to apply for work permits. It was universally loved by Democrats and reluctantly protected by a handful of Republicans.

Now, it will go away if the report is accurate. It should and this is the right way to do it.

Complaints are already emerging from both sides of the political aisle. Liberals are outraged, of course, but some conservatives are also voicing concerns. Chief of Staff John Kelly believes Congress should have been prepared with a plan by now. Iowa Representative Steve King believes putting it on the Republican Congress is a bad political move.

To some extent, King is correct. If the GOP Congress puts forth a replacement that does all or part of what the previous lawless president intended with his executive order, all this does is shift ownership. If, on the other hand, the GOP decides to take the political hit and encourage enforcement of the rule of law for our sovereign nation, it’s a win.

King is apparently not very confident his cohorts will take the second path.

For President Trump, this is a win-win. He is fulfilling one of his most important campaign promises and setting the stage for the GOP to demonstrate their resolve on the issue. If they do, he wins because the “blame” will be spread throughout the party rather than just focusing on him. If they cave for political expediency and recreate a congressional version of DACA, then President Trump did his part and Congress was the body that changed.

As critical as I’ve been of the president during his short term, this is one instance where I’m in full agreement. Pulling the rug out from under “Dreamers” may be what most conservatives want, but it would be a poor political move. It’s just an unnecessary burden at this point following a slew of failures from Obamacare to the travel ban. Instead, he’s giving Congress the opportunity to act while still fulfilling his promise. The message to potential illegal immigrants is still clear and effective: this president will not protect you so don’t bother coming over.

We are a sovereign nation. We have a robust legal immigration system that allows opportunities for people to enter the nation the right way. We cannot afford mixed messages making people believe they or their children can stay if they come here illegally. Ending the executive order is a righteous move by the president.

Will Congress follow suit?

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