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I wrote this article on December 24th 2016 and if you have ever heard of Chanukah, you might know that in 2016 it starts on Dec 24th. It is the Festival of the Miracle of Light after the Temple had been cleansed of the evils and profanity of pagan religion. December 25th of course is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus whose birth was announced to the Wise Men through the appearance of a Star – a light to guide their way. I can’t help but wonder since both of these festivals coincide this year if we might take them as a sign of God’s blessing on the coming President.


Since Donald Trump won the election a lot has happened and while all the liberal progressive Politically Correct Sociopaths are running around in fear that the Donald is going to destroy America, unnoticed by many people is that a cloud of fear has been lifted in America from the heads of so many people who were previously fearful of or at least unprepared to risk making their voices public.


Sure you get guys like the Maine nutcase who has told all his customers that if they voted for Trump that his company would no longer supply them gas, but on the other side of the coin there are many Democrats who do support democratic freedoms and one in particular was interviewed on Dec 15, 2016 by Elliot Friedland of the Clarion Project. The interviewee was Anila Ali, a democrat and a Muslim public figure based in Irvine California who spoke about the changed climate since Trump’s victory. (Anila Ali: Being Muslim in Trump’s America)


I’m only going to direct you to a couple of her comments which to me show that ‘truth’ is no longer afraid of being spoken in public.

There is a general perception that all Muslims condone violence and that all Muslims want sharia ….There is also a very toxic perception that Muslims like myself who are any patriotic, modern and progressive are lying as mandated in the Quran…. This notion must be dispelled because .. it is part of the Wahhabi Salafist ideology and Muslims like me .. have never even heard of it.

If Arab countries can ban Muslim brotherhood why can’t we? Any organization that has terrorist ties should be banned in the US. Any organization that condone the killing of an innocent, or promote so insights hatred for non-Muslims should be banned.

Organization such as …. that want to promote Islam should be the ones who are given a voice.

Due to the lack of moderate narratives, extreme narratives and voices will take over, including organizations that do not support the Constitution of the United States or which should be completely banned from the United States. Whoever wants to follow sharia law should migrate to a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia.

Notice the point about the missing moderate narratives being replaced with extremist narratives. This same point was made by Raheel Raza, Clarion Project Advisor in one minute video. She expresses the hope that now in the USA ordinary Muslims might have a voice, rather than being oveshadowed by the Islamists.


Another article on this theme can be found at The Emergence of a New (and Different) Arab Spring By Tarek Fatah December 21st, 2016. (Tarek Fatah, is a Canadian writer, broadcaster and anti-Islamist Muslim activist. He is the author of Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State and the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress.)


The article which includes a 36 minute video is about Omar Saif Ghobash, the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Russia who said “We should tackle the role of the Muslim clergy who either back the extremists and license their violence, or do not interest themselves in their pastoral duties to the Muslims of the 21st century.” Distinguishing between Muslims and Islamists, the UAE ambassador said the focus of Islam should be ethical, moral and spiritual in its essence.


The common thread throughout these examples, is that for many years we have not heard the ordinary (Muslim) peoples voices. All we have heard are the Sociopathic Nutcases across the globe as they scream out their holy agendas.


One of those holy agendas has been to discredit and/or silence those who spoke the politically incorrect truth. The Southern Poverty Law Center for instance began to tag ‘ordinary Americans’ as radical potential terrorists. That’s right! Take for example Tom Deweese of the American Policy Center who in 2011 and 2012 published articles about how he had been labeled a terrorist because of his work to keep the pubic informed about certain political agendas.

(The Threat to Freedom: The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Homeland Security March 2011 – and – When Loving Your Country Marks You As A Domestic Terrorist 5th July 2012)


Tom writes on issues such as personal privacy, illegal immigration, public education, and the assault on the American way of life through the UN’s creation of Agenda 21.


Since Donald Trump’s election, whilst the extremists have been raging, more moderate and reasonable people of all political persuasions have begun to walk out from under that cloud of fear that has been hanging over their heads. Some of them have finally come forward to acknowledge the work of Tom DeWeese and the American Policy Center.


In a recent article Tom DeWeese pointed out that after decades of ‘hoping’ that he was making a difference; after years of being ignored by even conservative groups, he has suddenly found himself at the center of many people’s attentions.


His article lists a number of occurrences since Donald Trump’s election that have encouraged him. From finding out that his name had been put forward for positions in HUD and recommended as secretary of the interior, to invitations to speak alongside V.I.P’s who informed him that they had been reading his articles for years, Tom has finally understood that his fight was never in vain, and he writes an encouraging letter for the rest of us. He finished his recent article with the following:

Those Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and planning groups operating in every community in the nation are not going to give up their power and influence – and the money that goes with it. We are going to have to fight trench warfare to boot them out and restore local control over government. We must fight in the grass roots to force the Congress to act against these runaway agencies. We must teach elected officials of the dangers and how to stand up against such policy. And we must organize local activists to back them up when they do take a courageous stand. That is the mission of the American Policy Center in this new Era of Trump.


So there you have it. While all the wilting violets scream and rage for their ‘safe places,’ for years the ordinary man and woman, and this includes Muslims, have been afraid to speak out for when they do, like Tom DeWeese they got vilified, and in some cases became targets of the Department of Homeland Security because they were named as fringe element nutcases and potential domestic terrorists.


Like the nutcase in Maine mentioned at the beginning of this article, many people who think that they believe in the American Republic, don’t actually believe in it at all. They are sociopaths who intimidate, name call, abuse, vilify and do everything they can to have punished via law, employment or social standing, those who dare to be different.


In the years ahead, all conservatives everywhere absolutely MUST do two things. Firstly, they must not act like sociopathic liberal progressives, and secondly, they must do their part to maintain the freedoms inherently granted them in their Republic. The reason madness got so far in the past is that sane people kept their mouths shut!


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