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Obama had the modified Midas touch with a brown thumb – everything he touched turned to sh*t.  Like his economy, what Obama built was to America’s detriment.  America’s Moslem socialist president, who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize before taking office and then proceeded to foment wars throughout the Middle East, gave billions of dollars to the nation that vows death to America on a daily basis.  Just as he personally wrote choking business regulations against American businesses, dictates that Trump tore up thus causing a huge economic surge for which Obama tries to take credit, B.O. slanders Trump as the cause of Iran’s growing power in the Middle East as they continue developing nuclear weapons with which to threaten the world.  As Trump is dealing with North Korea through American strength forcing them to already bow before him, Trump vows that this Middle Eastern third world toilet will not be allowed to get the weapons by which these rotten children can extort the adults.

Trump abolishes Obama’s Iran Deal

Obama backs Iran’s threats condemning Trump

As another of Obama’s legacy achievements, an imperial dictate that America will honor Iran as they nuke up, bites the dust, witless liberals believe standing up to these child bullies is dangerous, thus slandering Trump as the instigator of WWIII and America’s destruction.  Leftist fools who see themselves as noble socialists, allies to “good” communists, smear Trumpian Christians as Nazis as if the Right was no different than the Left.  In their delusional projection of their socialist dictator ideology that Communists and Nazis share, like their militant groups of neo-Nazis and the KKK that they try to project onto Republicans, Democrats are incensed that Trump is undoing the dangers they created and dig out the seeds the Left planted to bring about WWIII.  Obama’s funding of the Muslim Brotherhood to renew the Jihad in the Middle East has resulted in the hated Shiites joining his Sunni Awakening to arm up and threaten the world.  Liberals are so anti-American that they are obstructing the confirmation of the first woman, Gina Haspel, to head the CIA because she was mean to terrorists through enhanced interrogation they call torture.  Funny how all of them praised Jack Bauer when he did it, but when Republicans take the necessary action that actually resulted in finding bin Laden they get all queasy.  These same people would happily practice the noble act of genocide on Christians as their Nazi Communist ancestors did if it meant helping Islam overthrow America.

Liberal are delusional in their beliefs that include:

  • Trump is a white nationalist.
    • They believe Republicans have become white supremacists because they think “the racist ‘good ol’ boys’ of the South” became Republicans and Democrats became Republicans in the North.
  • Obama was pro-America
    • They take Obama at his word that he is an American Christian when all his actions were against Christians and in favor of the Moslems with whom he was raised and declared his undying loyalty.
  • Mankind’s CO2 will end all life
    • They have been deluded into thinking that this trace gas is going to choke the planet to death. They believe this because they are told by Democrat “scientists” that they are the only intelligent people who know science when they are the most ignorant.
  • Hitler was a Christian
    • This is the go to lie of leftists to slander the Right. There was nothing Christian about Hitler and, unlike his leftist brother Obama, he never claimed to be Christian.  This is the lie liberals use to claim that the far right of Jesus are the Nazis.
  • Socialism is prosperous
    • The 20th century saw socialism murder over a hundred million people and enslave over a billion. Unlike capitalism that liberals say steals from the poor, yet built the first middle class in history, socialism makes certain the masses serve the elites in equal misery.
  • Islam is benevolent
    • Islam has fourteen centuries of violent history striving to conquer those who are not subjects of Islam, and oppressing those who are under their iron boot. The religion of tolerance is actually a death cult of persecution wherein women are chattel to Moslem men and infidels are lower still.
  • God is an oppressor and Satan is a liberator
    • This is the ultimate leftist belief that Christians are the evil Nazis of the world wanting to impose their morality on others by force. Although the Inquisition of the church corrupted by leftists to emulate Islam was defeated by Christians they continue to proclaim them and America as the evil in the world and socialist tyranny good.

Liberals are just two-faced.  Some like to claim to be Christian, but then advocate for atheists and abortionists.  They say they want people to believe in God, but then object to the government putting “In God We Trust” on our money as our National Motto.  They think God is anti-money, which is as senseless as their other beliefs when the Left are all the envious greedy lusting for money.  Would they feel better with, “In Allah We Trust?”  How about, “In Man We Trust” or “In Government We Trust?”  Because if you take out God you leave a space for Satan to fill.  Democrats are no different than their Communist and Islamo-Nazi brothers.  They use force and extortion to shake down Americans and business owners.  They import cheap labor and praise them as noble refugees.  Democrats are out of the closet and in the open putting their true nature on display.  Gone is their façade of being for the little guy, of sponsoring the working man against the rich corporations.  They are no longer trying to dupe the ignorant of their intentions, but showing their last cards to draw all America haters to their banner with only one objective – to overthrow Trump and subjugate American citizens under their elitist rule as their subjects.

“It’s not what we say, but what we do that defines us.”

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