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The media continues to blame President Trump for the ugly division within our nation, but they ignore their own contributions to the problem.

To be sure, President Trump has not helped matters… but he’s not the cause of the ugliness.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway may have said it best earlier this week when she argued that the media only has themselves to blame for the current climate of doubt.

Donald Trump did not create distrust of the media; distrust of the media helped create Donald Trump and the media really need to get a handle on why so many Americans don’t just dislike them but loathe them.

If the only way you can sort of defend media performances, or if you get really upset about Donald Trump criticizing the media is if you think the media are doing a good job.

The fact is that very few Americans actually think the media are doing a good job. A recent poll showed that 72% of Americans think that the media deliberately report fake, false, or misleading news. I think the misleading thing is really significant there.

It’s not that people are just making up facts out of whole cloth, but the bias, and the self-aggrandizement, and the idiocy that people see in the media is frustrating them and the media really need to take a hard look inside.

Jim Acosta telling a woman that she needs to say certain words or else he’s not going to stop yelling at her is not going to improve the relationship between the media and the American people.

(relative portion begins at 5:00)

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer concurred with Hemingway and pointed to one of the more dramatic and divisive reporters at CNN as an example of the media’s ugly behavior.

If Jim Acosta has a problem with the ability for people to express themselves, he should look at his unprofessional and disrespectful behavior. Look in the mirror and wonder if he’s part of the problem. We should never be threatening anybody with violence. But it’s interesting how he’s only concerned with himself and his colleagues as opposed to the violence that has come against the right, people like myself, Sarah [Huckabee Sanders], Secretary [Kirstjen] Nielsen and others. I want to go out there and have a book to talk about, to exchange ideas with people, have a civil debate and they don’t seem to worry about that intimidation and that sort of disruption. …

His unprofessional and disrespectful behavior is part of the problem. The way he treated the president the other day in that Rose Garden was disgraceful. He owes the president an apology. It is not his question that he is entitled to, it is the president’s to give it to him.

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