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Erick Erickson is a serial idiot. Let me count the ways… In his recent post he curses Donald Trump. Erick attempts to box in Trump and predict negative outcomes for the Republicans. Erick harps on his disdain for Trump and calls him a serial liar.

He wrote “I don’t believe Donald Trump obstructed justice.” Full stop right there. We all agree with Erick’s assessment at this point. He intentionally starts with the undisputed truth. He then moves to conjectures and opinions that he posits as facts. This is the verbal gymnastics that is common to swamp creatures of all stripes.

While he later acknowledges that with Trump v. Comey we have a “he said, she said” situation (I’ll leave it to the reader to determine gender) with huge credibility questions. But before he attempts to lay blame Erick asserts that “from James Comey’s own mouth we know the Flynn investigation was not even central to Russia. In fact, we know from Comey that President Trump told him to pursue the Russian investigation, thus ending a Democrat talking point.”

While this may be true, we don’t know anything Comey said is factual. His entire testimony is quickly being impeached and rendered suspect. We are left with huge doubts about everything Comey said, and just because this statement exonerates Trump still doesn’t provide certitude as to its veracity. We know what Comey said. We don’t know that what Comey said Trump said is true. As documented by John Hinderacker at Powerlineblog, Comey’s recollection of conversation tends toward the campy and dramatic embellishment.

Erick continues “But we also know James Comey thinks President Trump is a liar and we also know President Trump lies regularly.” Yes and no. We know what Comey thinks. We don’t know what Trump is. Erick thinks he knows what Trump is. But his vision is clouded by his hatred for anything not funded by Republican donors or endorsed by Republican think tanks.

Erick’s confusion stems from President Trump’s speaking style. He attributes this as lying. He asserts that “he will contradict himself within two clauses of a single sentence and demand you believe both mutually contradictory things.” Trump speaks in a common vernacular that doesn’t translate 1:1 to written text. In many cases his sarcasm, non-verbal communication or implicit pointing must be properly interpreted to gain the meaning of his statements. Trump is known for puffery, a common sales tactic, and negotiation through exploring options. These are not lying and it is foolish to call it such.

Erick asks “Who are you going to believe?” And impugns the motives of both the loyal Left and Right and holds himself up and the standard of neutrality and virtue. In light James Comey’s hero complex as the last good man this sounds vaguely familiar. Erick believes that only “70,000 people in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan” got Trump elected. This is idiot math. Doesn’t Erick know that every vote in these states are in the set of votes that helped Trump win and every state Trump won helped him achieve his electoral victory.

Erick believes the polling that suggests people don’t believe Trump. He consoles himself like a Democrat with the fact that Clinton got 3 million more votes that Trump. While this is true this can be accounted for in three ways that Erick neglects. 1) Cities are Democrat cesspools 2) California is a +3M Democrat votes dysfunctional socialist state 3) We still don’t know how many of these votes were fraudulent (meaning duplicated, illegal, alien or all of the above).

Erick repeats “The President is a liar who routinely lies.” And Erick is an idiot who routinely smashes his face of a brick wall. What is this perverse obsession with claiming your sick opinion is a fact. Erick, you will never guest host for Rush Limbaugh again. Remember, opinions are like noses… and instead of writing a blind hit piece on Trump try to get this through your thick skull: Trump is our single best chance to save this country. He may not follow through on every pledge, like Reagan and the Bushes, but he’s damn well going to try.

Just zoom in on Bannon’s Pledges Kept white board and then tell me that Trump is lying.

Erick wanders into the truth with a backhanded nugget “Because as much as the President lies, so too does the press.” No crap Sherlock. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally. Stop the presses, they are liars. What Erick’s statement belies is the fundamental misunderstanding of Erick and the Never-Trumpers: the media lies as a matter of course. If Trump is inaccurate (which we all know he is prone to) it is an error of omission not commission.

Why doesn’t Erick say to the media “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Because he doesn’t really want to take them on. The gates of hell are prevailing and Erick is unwilling or unable to join the charge. Maybe he’s feeling mildly nauseous. Instead he calls Trump a liar.

Erick acknowledges that “Comey actually agreed that the President is not under investigation.” This is the only statement by Comey that confirms a previous statement from the President. As such it is the only verified “true fact” that is dully corroborated.

Erick thinks that “the public will latch on to Comey as the honest broker.” Really? Why do you think that will happen Erick? Because of his 6’8” stature? Because of his dopey eyes? Because of, Lordy, his cowardly, weak, inept ability to weasel around his testimony in a lawyerly attempt to avoid perjury. It’s beginning to become clearer that Comey and Mueller are Left-wing Clinton/Obama liberal hacks. Their credibility is crumbling before our eyes, and because of their cronyism we may witness gutting of our federal justice departments. In their attempts to project the establishment they may seal their own fate.

Erick and others believe that Trump is in trouble in the 2018 election. Firstly, news flash: Trump is not on the ballot. But, Erick will say, his agenda is! Listen, Trump is moving full speed ahead and the 2018 election is a year away. Normally the out of power party gains seats. If you are a Democrat you should be nervous. If you don’t win in 2018 the Party will be relegated to a minor-league team. Erick asserts that if Republicans lose the Congress then Trump will be in trouble… Except there is 0% chance that Republicans will not retain the House. And the Senate is likely to remain at worst near the 50/50 mark which seems to be the swamp’s equilibrium or stasis point.

Erickson has been watching too much House of Cards.

Erick believes that Democrats may win Georgia’s 6th Congressional District runoff on June 20. The notoriously unreliable 538 has an edge for the Democrat. For those who don’t know Erick lives in Georgia and is apparently hoping (is he working behind the scenes?) that the Pajama Boy Ossoff beats Karen Handle. However, in every special election this year to replace Trump cabinet appointees Republicans have won.

Hey Erick! I’ll take that bet. And, I’ll bet you that Trump shows up big in 2018. And that’s no lie.

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