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A while back Judge Andrew Napolitano reported that the British helped President Obama spy on the Trump campaign.

The media (and liberals) first response was to mock and deride Napolitano and Fox News for the report, Fox News was so worried that Fox ended up suspending Napolitano for a couple of weeks. Napolitano never backed down, and now he’s been vindicated as the latest reports show that the British did indeed spy on the Trump team and then hand that information over to President Obama.

Steve Malzberg: Let me ask you about the revelation that the British intelligence services and other European nations as well did, in fact, monitor the correspondence, the phone calls and communications between certain Trump insiders, campaign workers, whatever, and Russians they were talking to supposedly. This is an accusation first leveled by Judge Andrew Napolitano on FOX. He was lambasted for it. Sean Spicer repeated it. The British government denied it. Napolitano was taken off FOX for I think a week. And, now, I believe he has been proven 100% correct. What’s your take on that?

Roger Stone: This is a very standard operating procedure for the intelligence agencies. They go to a third-party nation and they ask them to conduct the survelliance so that the CIA can play dumb. So they have not violated the law, technically. Judge Napolitano turns out to be absolutely right and I think folks at FOX, management, owe him an apology. I want to learn more about this because I still think we are going to learn that the deep state, the 17 intelligence agencies, have promulgated this myth of Russian collusion because it is the rationale they used to surveil Donald Trump and his aides. And that would mean that there is no Russian collusion proven, Steve, and their motive was solely political. That’s Watergate times 10.

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