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Last weekend Donald Trump tweeted the now infamous Crooked Hillary Picture with her smug face over a background of Benjamins and a Red star. The text within the star read, “Most Corrupt Candidate ever.”

Most have seen the original and the edited version, where the star is replaced with a simple red circle, yet retaining the text. And why was it edited? We all know why, but if you happened to not – someone started a campaign against the tweet (I don’t know who was first) claiming the star was a mockery of Jews as it may be a depiction of the Star of David.

It may have been Never-Trumper Erick Erickson who first noticed it. The left then quickly jumped on the bandwagon and the Trump bashing was off and running.

I’m not going to defend Trump – but I’m also not going to condemn him here. Neither I nor anyone else really knows what the intent of the tweet was – beyond the obvious Hillary bashing – which is of course is accurate. Hillary is more than likely one of the most corrupt individuals in America – not just the most corrupt politician.

Whoever started it, the left and their media brethren have glommed on and really hammered Trump on the anti-Semitism angle. To some extent it worked, as he, or someone, dropped the star.

I don’t think Trump is an anti-Semite. To my recollection, I have never been witness to anything which would cause me to question him. But none of this is my point. My point here is the left and once again their ridiculous display of double standards.

They so want everyone to believe Trump is some sort of Jew hater. Heck, his son-in-law is a Jew and his wife, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, converted to Judaism. If he were anti-Semitic, his head would have pooped off by now and he would have disowned his daughter. But, again, this is not the point.zwfsxs559qbqbrurczraxwx4r1nl4ipdttf9i5tgmwvsa8n5raqfhtotdom7bxbi

Out of one side of their mouths, the leftist press cries anti-Semitism and out of the other they exclaim Obama as great man and an even better President. The fact is that their hero Obama has been the biggest Israel-hating president we may have ever had. And this goes for many in his Cabinet – particularly Jew-hating John Kerry.

Since Obama took office he has been, at minimum, hostile toward our only Middle Eastern ally.

Western Journalism reported  just three days ago that, “the Obama administration launched a new blistering attack on Israel,” over new housing developments and accused them of seizing “Palestinian land.” Of course the developments are being built to house 800 Jewish families and 600 Arab families. Yes – Arab families. Those darn Jews – always trying to keep the Arabs down – by building them houses.

John Kirby, State Department spokes-hack said, or more precisely was instructed to say by his Israel hating boss that, “If it is true, this report would be the latest step in what seems to be the systematic process of land seizures, settlement expansions and legalization of outposts that is fundamentally undermining the prospects for a two-state solution. We oppose steps like these, which we believe are counterproductive to the cause of peace.” Outposts? What is this – the Wild West?

He added that, the administration is “deeply concerned” about the Israeli building plans.

What’s deeply concerning, to anyone who cares to look at the Obama administration’s record toward Israel, is the outright contempt for them. In March of 2015 Ben Shapiro, then at Breitbart did just that, placing in chronological order dozens of instances of mistreatment by Obama toward Israel. Among them is the constant refusal to accept any Israeli settlements because it might upset the Palestinians – those guys who just want peace. His insistence on Israel returning to the 1967 borders and the constant berating of Netanyahu by members of his administration.

And recall that in 2011 Obama was caught on a hot mic saying he hates Netanyahu and called him a liar.

The left would say that their hero Obama just has enmity toward Netanyahu, not Israel, but to read the chronology, one can only conclude that Obama wouldn’t mind if Israel just ceased to exist.

So for the left to get all bent out of shape over Trump’s tweet is just pathetic on its face. I’m not a Trump guy, but I can guarantee Israel and the Jews will fare far better with Trump than they ever have with this Jew-hating administration.


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