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America is arguably the greatest nation on the face of planet Earth; however it was not always that way. In the beginning, the United States were simply “united settlers” looking for a new life in the “New-World.” Colonists lived simple lives without the intervention of a tyrannous government, which at the time was the British Empire. In order to have freedom, the colonists would need to stand up to what was at the time the strongest military and economic power in the world. There is an old saying in the United States that “freedom isn’t free,” and that has rung true throughout the history of the United States of America. America has had to do things the hard-way ever since it began doing things, but the payoff for such an effort would later be tremendous.

The earliest Americans are often accused of “colonialism” and forcing the Native Americans out of their homelands, however the argument could also be made that Native Americans were killing each other in their own form of colonialism, sometimes referred to as conquest. Native American tribes were taking lands and slaughtering each other long before American colonists came on their ships. This land was largely unspoken for by organized societies, therefore it was ripe for colonization by whoever came onto its shores. I only mention this to illustrate the ridiculousness of Howard Zinn’s narrative, which is followed and agreed upon by many leftists in modern America, that the colonialists of early America stole America from the Native Americans and have been stealing from the world ever since.

While I do appreciate differing viewpoints, this one is absurd. The early colonists were living in a different time than that which Howard Zinn lived in, and there was no one they could call for help. They had a choice, either get slaughtered by the Native Americans, or push the Native Americans out of the lands they were occupying so they could live in peace…and the colonists chose the latter. In his writings, Howard Zinn makes it seem as though for no reason other than conquest did the colonists drive the Native Americans out of their lands. He leaves out the part about Native Americans capturing, torturing and brutally killing many early colonists in this country. There was no 9-11 or social justice organization which would come to their locations help them…rather the early colonists earned their lands by strength, resolve and ingenuity while being surrounded on all sides by threatening savages trying to kill them. Rather than the colonists pushing the Native Americans back being a bad thing, a free and prosperous nation would arise from these very early efforts. Rather showing the colonists as being conquerors of distant lands, true history shows them as being resilient in the face of challenges, which is a trait kept by Americans for hundreds of years to follow.

Once beating back the Native American tribes attempting to kill them, the earl colonists began to band together against a common enemy, that of British empire. Many colonists came to the New-World to get away from the tyranny they currently inhabited in their homelands. Many were actually from England, and they knew what was coming for America if no one stood up and defended it. Of course at this point in history, it was not yet the United States, however the “states” had begun to form and naturally forms of local government followed. These local governments banded their people together under a common-enemy, who were taxing all people of these great new lands to a point where it was affecting everyday life. Taxes had become such a burden to the population that they united under a just cause to overthrown the British rule in these lands. A group of men proceeded to dress up as Tomahawk Indians, and began throwing tea barrels into Boston Harbor in protest of tea-tax; however the tea-tax was only one of the many taxes beginning to choke off prosperity to the people of the colonies.

As more states began to form and people began to unite, the founding fathers (among many other early Americans) began to see the future without tyranny, and it made their ambition grow more with every new tax levied on the people and with every ridiculous control-measures attempted by the British Empire in the New World. I will let you pick up a history book and read about what happened next, but again, early Americans were able to band together and beat away a threat to their society. This time, they began to realize that without cooperation and organization between the growing number of colonies, they would fail as a whole. This time though, they wanted to ensure that no tyrannous government could spawn from this new organization, so they kept the power with the individual states rather than rolling it up under consolidated federal control. This proved to be one of the biggest assets of the United States throughout its history, as it gave local power to local authorities rather than some king or queen located thousands of miles away and disconnected from society.

A new country was formed, and it was coined “The United States of America.” The world absolutely loved this idea of freedom, and immigrants poured onto its shores and filled its lands. America began priding itself on many things; however there is one word and one idea which really stuck in the minds of the American people for centuries to follow, and that word is “freedom.” If politicians stood a chance at being elected, they had to ensure the people of the United States their freedom.

The American people wanted their freedom that they had so harshly earned through the Revolutionary War. The ultimate desire via The Constitution was to create a country which accepted people for who they are, as opposed to what they looked like or what they believed in. Granted the argument could be made that the founding fathers were slave owners at the time they wrote the funding documents, so how could they really have the expectation of “all men being created equal?” My argument to that point would be to have the person making that point examine history and how long it takes mankind to come to realizations. America was founded in 1777, and it took until 1863 to free the slaves, however did those same founding fathers who owned slaves NOT write those words and make it possible in the future to really have all men be created and treated as equals? Wasn’t it their words and their ideas which led to the freeing of the slaves? I would argue that it absolutely was, and the founding father knew it would take time to meet that goal. Similarly, john F. Kennedy would set the goal of reaching the moon without ever knowing how he would accomplish it, however he did accomplish it.

Eventually, all Americans would indeed be free and The Constitution and the Bill of Rights would both be applicable documents to ALL Americans. America quickly learned that when a government gives its people the freedom to make their own decisions and manage their own lives, it results in abundant innovation and prosperity to those people regardless of their race, religion or sex.

People’s ability to innovate is far greater when they are not limited in their doing so, and this has resulted in some of the most crucial technological innovations throughout mankind’s history. If people are empowered to innovate, innovation follows, whereas if people’s innovation is blocked by a form of government, then no one wants to innovate. This is why countries such as Russia struggled for so long when it came to technological innovation. This is why you don’t see Russia- made products very often, because its government, for a long time, was restricting innovation by its people and restricting innovation to government laboratories and secret military bases. It is a proven fact that governmental control over a market and/or marketplace results in the people of that nation being hindered when it comes to innovation, and in-turn, prosperity.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the current state of affairs in America. At this point in history, the idea of a free-market and innovation therein has been well exercised and proven through experience. The rights and freedoms granted to Americans via their forefather’s actions are at least fairly well-preserved and The People of the United States have been free for many years. We have learned that the free-market of ideas and products forces competition into the marketplace, which then makes those whom are providing ideas or products to be better than the competitor.

Take Aquafina or Dasani for example. These companies (actually owned by parent corporations) bottle water and sell it to the world. The reason they are able to do this, is there is a market for clean drinking water. Whether people don’t trust the government’s provided water or they just prefer the taste of Dasani/ Aquafina over their tap, either way, people spend their money on bottled water. Aquafina/Dasani could have taken their opportunity to provide this bottled water and given the people junk water, however then their product would never sell and they would fail as a company. Hence these two companies, and every other company in the free-market, strive to provide quality products and to innovate in doing so.

But this is no fairy-tale ladies and gentlemen; the freedom-loving spirit of America is dwindling quickly, along with innovation. The free-market has been corrupted by what some call “crony-capitalism” and government lobbyists secure money and legislation to benefit their monopolistic behavior throughout the market. Americans have begun to allow a consolidated group of corporate elite and establishment politicians control every aspect of their lives, including their ability to innovate. Nowadays if an individual or company invents something or comes up with new ideas, they are stopped by bureaucrats looking out for their own interests, and not the interests of the society or mankind as whole. Profiteering seems to be the name of the game, and companies in America are more like pirate ships robbing merchant vessels of their ideas and profits and using it for themselves. The spirit of liberty is dying with this catastrophic societal change in America.

Obama himself came out and said “if you own a business, you didn’t make that, someone else did that for you.” This was irresponsible way of letting the people know that they are actually owned by the federal government, and not autonomous in any form. Obama was basically saying, “Innovation is dead in America.” But should we listen to such conjecture? Does the opinions of Obama’s “progressive” group mean that is the end-all as far as how Americans should envision themselves? If you asked Obama, I am sure his answer would be “YES,” however the spirit of freedom-loving Americans who want to innovate can only die if we allow it to. Many Americans began to give up hope for a free and prosperous America during the Obama regime’s reign of power, and that was intention of Obama and his administration all-along.

Obama once said “I will fundamentally change America,” and he has done so. When he spoke those words, I think most Americans figured he was going to do something good for America, but to all of our displeasure, he actually meant the opposite. Obama buys into the Howard Zinn version America completely. He thinks that America stole the wealth of the rest of the world, and he is doing everything within his power to give that wealth, innovation and ideas of America to the rest of the world. At the same time, Obama is choking off the American working-class from innovation and prosperity. The future was looking very bleak for the American people, and they looked for a way out of these tyrannous and misguided views of Progressives…then came Donald Trump.

Trump is everything that Obama is NOT, and he also believes in Americans for the freedom-loving innovators that they truly are. Trump sees America in a positive light, unlike Obama and his Progressive friends. Where Obama made every effort to consolidate power to him by establishing federal agencies, Trump would rather give the power back to local authorities, as was originally intended for the United States. The U.S. was never supposed to have all of its power consolidated to Washington D.C., and Trump wants to move back to this way of thinking. Trump wants LESS tyranny, even though Obama and his Progressive pals keep calling Trump a fascist and insinuating to the American people that Trump will be a tyrant. In reality, Trump is far from a tyrant and he wants less federal mandates, less federal agencies and less federal control over individual state affairs.

Beyond this, Trump is an advocate of the free-market and he would rather see America prosperous as opposed to drained of their wealth. Obama has raised the corporate tax-rate to an unprecedented level in America’s history, and in fact it is the highest rate ever at 39.1%. Trump wants to lower this to 10-15%, which would instantaneously give companies and the employees therein more money in their pocket and more profits. With Trump’s lower income tax-rate, rather than the government profiteering on hard-working Americans, Americans will be allowed to keep more of their paychecks in their pockets, which will instantaneously grow the economy on both a micro and macro level.

In fact, just about everything Trump plans on doing involves returning the power to the people, securing the United States, and growing the economy. He has not even alluded to the allegations of his competitors, who call him a fascist; rather he is trying to divvy-up the power structure to avoid fascism.

Who in America would want to stop a leader from deconsolidating power from federal authorities, lowering tax-rates, encouraging innovation through the free-market or any of these incredibly positive changes Trump wants to make? Only those with a Howard Zinn take on America would want this sort of leadership and these sorts of policies to be stopped. Only those who truly believe in destroying America and everything it stands for would desire to stop the empowerment of the American people.

Obama, along with his Progressive pals, are taking all of the efforts of heroes who came before them and they are throwing those efforts in the proverbial trash-can. From the efforts of those early settlers to the new world, to the efforts of our forefathers, to the efforts of every service-member who have sacrificed their lives in the name of America and the freedom therein. Obama is trashing all of that in hopes that the population of America is too stupid to go and research this stuff on their own, and it worked for a time. Unfortunately for him and his Progressive friends, America has woken up to this and begun to wonder where their freedoms, security and prosperity went to over the previous 8 years.

America received its answer in the form of Donald Trump, who informed us indirectly that the words of Abraham Lincoln are coming true in the modern age.

“This task of gratitude to our fathers, justice to ourselves, duty to posterity, and love for our species in general, all imperatively require us faithfully to perform. How then shall we perform it?–At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? — Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!–All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years,” said Lincoln during the Lyceum Address in 1838.

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” (Lincoln, 1838)

What Trump realized, is that America is dying by suicide, and he means to stop this from happening. Obama knows what he is doing the country, and surely he intends to see his plan finished out and America virtually destroyed. Americans elected Donald J. Trump in a historic landslide and that is because they realized the same thing Trump realized, and Americans know in their hearts that this was not the future intended for them from the many heroes throughout their nation’s history.

Who would want to stop Trump? Traitors to America and misinformed followers of the Howard Zinn narrative are the only answers which make any sense to me personally. I am not a Republican, not a Democrat; I supported Donald Trump because he was the only one genuinely listening to the American people and he seems to have the best ideas and plans for the future of this nation. He does NOT want to take the efforts of the heroes who came before him and throw them in the trash-can, and for this he is lambasted and belittled over state-run media (CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, ABC, CBS, NBC). None of that matters though, because the American people spoke and they want FREEDOM, SECURITY, and PROSPERITY. Everything which was fought for in previous generations of Americans, going all the way back to early settlers, will be preserved under a Trump administration and the Progressives are terrified of that.

Well, they can be terrified, because America is back! The People of The United States will regain their power in America, and the market will flourish. Innovation will return to the marketplace, which will drive us into the decades and hopefully centuries to come. The Progressive (aka radical left) news media outlets want to discourage people rather than empowering them, but this kind of thinking is OVER in America. “The People” have spoken, and the Howard Zinn narrative has been replaced with the Trump effect. It was if Abraham Lincoln could see into the future and see America struggling from within, and he was warning us of what our biggest downfall as a nation might someday be. With all of the lies, the corruption, and the taking advantage of the American people needs to come to an end, or we will die by suicide. Donald Trump is the manifestation of trying to save ourselves, and those whom oppose such a movement and back a movement of tyranny, are traitors to the United States.



Lincoln, A. (1838, January 27). Lyceum Address. Lyceum Address. Springfield, Illinois, United States of America: Lyceum Address.




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