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Now here we are, seven days and counting until November 8th.  Those concerned voters whom have been tracking the political race to the 45th presidential term are feeling the early onset of pensive relief that the end is in sight.

Many have resolved their candidate, yet some less interested members of the populace are holding the candidates hostages to their own storied pasts.  These two groups, those whom have made up their minds and those in limbo, are poised to choose which history we will create together as a nation.

Mrs Hillary Clinton has made history as the first woman to ever be nominated as a presidential candidate. History in the making.

Donald Trump is the first candidate in modern American history who is not a pedigreed, rubber stamped, establishment-endorsed candidate.  A knowledgeable insider savvy to the politics that businesses have engaged in to steer revenue their way. Yet he is an outsider that secured the nomination by beating seasoned politicians to the prize. Trump has achieved what Ross Perot did not and is now poised to secure the presidency in itself.

Find myself asking two questions:  1) What are they getting themselves into?  2)  how is this going to play out for us as Americans?

Look at the landscape but they’re inheriting:

1 –  Failing Obamacare.

2 –  Crippling national debt.

3 – International foreign-policy maze with myriad  problems : ISIS, Iran, Russia, China,North Korea, Middle East in general, and Israel.

4 – A law-enforcement Crisis  in multiple forms of  civil rights, politicization of DOJ,

5 – Economic glut  marked by stagnant growth

6 –  An immigration crisis that is reached critical mass .

7 – Do nothing politicians eager to maintain their power grip.

8 – 76 % of people  are unsatisfied with the direction the country is been taken for the last 12 years and whom have lost faith in the United States Government.

Enter Clinton:  like it or not she is the first woman candidate ever to make it this far in the campaign for the presidency.   But with all of her baggage dragging along with her:  history of her husband Bill, a suspicious populace un-trusting of her  as a result of chronic lies.  Lies that she has told the American public have dragged out over the course of 18 months and come back to haunt her 10 fold: The email scandals. Foreign policy bumbles, protracted  FBI investigation,  pay to play allegations with mounting evidence, and a money trail that reeks of the same influences president Obama has been catering to.

Like it or not, she is not very adroit and handling the calamity that she herself has created. Which has diminished the perception that she could make the right decisions in the office of the POTUS.

Still more and more is coming out people are fed up with the lack of transparency.  Consider all the comments from her own mouth, the one that resonate in many voters minds is this: “I have a public position and a private  position “.

With all of her baggage history that one statement leaves many voters to feel that she will proceed as Obama has proceeded: his predilection  to lie and deceive people in soaring rhetoric and pull a bait and switch under the ethics of “end justifies the means”.

For Mrs. Clinton, the next four years office will likely be similar to the same shell game that we’ve had with President Obama.  Yet it will also have another dimension: that being the first time in the history of the United States presidential candidate has been nominated elected to office under FBI investigation.

Such a nominee will further eroding the trust of the American people in the government. It  is that appears that, although Hillary has made history,  she will indeed be the embattled candidate for four years. I don’t think that’s what the majority of the American people desire.  What the American people really want is a president that will unite the country and fix the problems that we have. Honestly how can Clinton based on your track record.

Contrast that with Mr. Donald Trump.

Yes he borrowed money from his father but the differentiating factor is he became a success. There are many fathers out there borrowed their children and their children have squandered it and falling flat on their face.

Yes Donald Trump has made vulgar comments  on the campaign trail. But many would consider this to be the ultimate hypocrisy for them to castigate him for such acts because they themselves have utilized  similar facts of bravado no matter how misogynistic or ignorant they may be.

Trump has come out swinging against seasoned politicians and whooped their ass  flat out street brawl style politics. like it or not it’s refreshing to see rather than some politically correct language that is prorated entire country to the degree that it  obtuse skate obfuscates thr obvious.

Donald Trump has spelled out clearly what he’s going to do for the American people.  And it’s not without controversy.

He wants to build a wall on the southern border of the United States and enforce the law of immigration. The sound immigration policy has been lacking in this country for some 30 years. Hillary Clinton  has had an opportunity for 30 years to coalesce supporters and come up with a solid immigration policy and his failed to do so.

Donald Trump wants to cut taxes for businesses and individuals.  Hillary Clinton on the other hand wants to raise them. In the current economic environment raising taxes when wages have already been eroded for the middle class and the United States for the past eight years $2500 per year and equivalent of $25,000 over 10 years. This is a serious impact to the average middle-class American.

Mr. Trump wants to reduce our taxes from current level down to 15% it’s almost a 50% reduction in our taxes. He’s also discussed actually changing tax policies modifying them which is something that’s quite amazing. As a billionaire  like it or not trump has utilized the same tax code that’s available to you and I For the betterment if his company. He is not the only savvy billionaire businessman ever to employ tax accountants.

Furthermore, as a businessman having to file a 10k report and do annual taxes for the many businesses and Trump understands how American ingenuity has built this country through capitalist means.

Contrast that with the stimulus plans offered by Obama which lined the pockets of executives.  Clinton and Obama decry trickle down economics, yet they apply trickle down economics by stimulus plans to major businesses in the same breath.  And as further insult to the ailing American worker,  those businesses  filled out by the US government and our tax dollars gave their executives massive bonuses rather than putting the money into their businesses to keep them running.

This is precisely the inversion of what a small business what do. Many small business owners reinvest their cash right back into their company to keep growing it for the betterment of not only themselves but their employees.   Yet Obama and Clinton Have painted American businesses as evil while they themselves have employed the same greeting tactics decry in others  feeling their own hypocrisy.

Trumps experience in business leverage for the American people over the next four years would be a breath of fresh air and Americans all need in a reduction in taxes would benefit the middle-class directly by putting money in our pocket.  It will also provide relief to small business owners and large business.

Cutting corporate taxes will provide a major advantage for businesses to stay in the United States and stop moving manufacturing overseas or out of the country.

Trumps also expressed a desire to address the trade deals that impact the United States which I have indeed led to the reduction in loss of 700,000+ businesses due relocating out of the country to escape oppressive taxes.

And considering foreign-policy, Donald Trump has expressed a willingness to work with other nations such as Russia to defeat Isys. Contrast that with Clinton who press the red reset button with Russia  and support the policies that have now led to the erosion of US Russia relations.

Politicians create the myth that only they are the ones that can handle these kinds of things and that Trump would somehow yet they themselves only want to increase the mists of their position and further abuse the power that’s given them by the United States people in order to profit.   Consider arms deals that were approved by Clinton for Saudi Arabia Qatar and other nations while she was Secretary of State.

Furthermore consider Israel and how dismally I’ve been treated in the last eight years  has further destabilized the middle eastern region. Contrast that with trump who has stated that he will support Israel in one of early speeches of the Trump campaign he addressed consortium of Israelis and Jewish constituents and gave a knowledgeable realistic speech of the issues Israel faces in the Middle East and what role the US in place to protect their democracy.

These points are not even considering the Iran debacle we all witnessed unfold in the last year’s of Obama’s presidency. As well as the many international eevnts that emerged under Clinton: Bengahzi, Libya, Syria,  Turkey, Iraq And Afghanistan.

In view of Clinton’s experience as Secretary of State many Americans have serious concerns about Clintons ability to perform as POTUS when they consider the track record. Many Americans envision foreign-policy nightmare continuing to unfold with weak US leadership.  Enter Donald Trump with a refreshing view of strong US leadership and an expressed desire to work with other nations, to rid the world of Isys, and  to improve trade relations for Americans.

Transposition nine bedrooms and a veteran administration scandals plaguing Obama is one of notoriety.  He flat out states why can we not fire these people and restructure the VA to make it work right?  This is what businessman do they restructure their companies that make them Bible it’s just precisely what the Obama administration is failed to do. And as a result veterans have suffered and not only veterans have suffered other families.

The presidency in the next four years under the leadership of Donald Trump to many seems to be a refreshing new  approach  that  may result in improved percentage of people satisfied with the direction with United States will be moving.  Make America great again seems to be an appealing to many.

But I have to trust the vision that Donald Trump pants for America and with the battled populous suffering from distrust of government officials , people have become reticent to buy in to the message.

Not only does Donald Trump have to find the attacks of Hillary Clinton and Obama administration’s left wing liberals but he also has the daunting task of persuading many a political individuals to buy into his vision for the future of America  but at least his vision seems to be clearer than the embattled vision many people see with the Clinton presidency for the next four years.

November 8 will decide how we create our future as a country and I pray to God that we pick the right path.




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