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Globalism-Supporting Masonic Governor Branstad Must Not Be Given U.S. Senate Confirmation! Who is Advising to Deceive President Trump?

The definite objective of a world state controlled by the Masonic ring, and the utilization of gold and international finance as principal instruments for its realization, appear prominently and with clear definition. International Freemasonry is a major globalist player with infrastructre in place for world government.

April 27, 2012, was a very “special” day for the Masons of the Scottish Rite in Des Moines. Governor Terry Branstad and two members of the Iowa House of Representatives took the degrees of the Scottish Rite and became 32 degree Masons. Senator Charles Grassley was also in attendance. Jay Simer took the Masonic photos, followed by a write up and more pictures on the Scottish Rite Blog.

And now! 32nd Degree Mason, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, formally accepted the offer to become President Trump’s China ambassador.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – “President-elect Donald Trump has announced his choice of Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad to be the next U.S. ambassador to China. Trump announced his pick of Branstad on Wednesday at a Manhattan fundraiser.”

While we all know and love President-elect Trump, he has not been a politician and is incredibly naive in critical areas.  He has repeatedly emphasized no one owns him, yet the Masons are now owning him!

AP continues, “A Trump transition spokesman confirmed that Branstad had accepted the nomination. Branstad aides didn’t respond to questions Wednesday about the matter.

“Branstad will face a U.S. Senate confirmation process that could take weeks as Trump himself prepares to be sworn in as president. When Branstad resigns as governor, he’ll be replaced by Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, making her the first female governor of Iowa.”

The Masonic Branstad will join Trump at a rally in Des Moines on Thursday. “Globalism not Americanism” continues to make inroads with our beloved and unwitting President-elect Trump.

Photo By: Jay Simser

Photo By: Jay Simser


At each degree of Masonic initiation, Masons take a deadly oath, and swear allegiance to Masonry above God and country. This is the unifying cohesion of Globalism. Under pain of death, they swear never to reveal the secrets of Freemasonry – not even to their wives.

Therefore, no matter what Masons claim about their good works or intentions, they cannot be believed.

They are the proven diabolical globalist enemy of Christianity and America. Globalism-promoting Masonic Governor Branstad must not be given U.S. Senate Confirmation! To do so is “Globalism not Americanism.”

President Trump! If none of these Republicans supported you in the Presidential election – and even if they did – why do you think they will support you now? These Masons remain true to their Masonic oath on penalty of death!

Photo By: Jay Simser

Photo By: Jay Simser



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