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Are you not yet tired of our Government having such a strangle hold on the average American citizen? We are so close to a dictatorship by committee that it is very unnerving.

Our government, at this time, is a conglomeration of politicians, all working together as one unit.  They still hold on to their party affiliation which thereby gives them someone, or something, to blame when things go wrong. But make no mistake about it; they work very closely together for themselves, and them alone.  They no longer work for the citizenry.  That claim is just a front.

All we, the American people ask, is that they do the job we have elected them to do, and that which we pay them for; to lead the people of these United States, and be the beacon of hope for the oppressed, the example of a good and rewarding life earned by hard work, and perseverance, and the freedom and liberty to live our lives as we would.

Our Government panders to those who would overhaul our system, and to those who want to live off the backs of others.

Once again California is leading the way. The egotistical, self-indulging, pompous folks who inhabit and perpetuate the entertainment element of our Society.

** Indulge me while I reprint here an article that was printed in the L.A. Times:

  1. 40% of all workers in L.A. County work for cash (no taxes).
  2. 95% of warrants for murder in L.A. are for illegals.
  3. 75% of those on “most wanted list” are illegals.
  4. 2/3 of all births in L.A. County are to illegals.
  5. 35% of inmates in Cal. Detention centers are illegals.
  6. Over 300,000 illegals in L.A. County live in garages.
  7. FBI reports half of all gang members in L.A. are most likely illegals from south of the border.
  8. Nearly 60% of occupants HUD properties are illegal.
  9. 21 radio stations in L.A. are Spanish speaking.
  10. In L.A. County, of 10.2 million residing there, 5.1 million speak English, while 3.9 million speak Spanish.

What happened to English as our official Language. Why do our leaders avoid enacting such laws?  Do these people vote?  I was always under the impression that one had to be a citizen to vote.  Was a law amending the Constitution enacted during the dark of night like so many during the Obama administration?

Perhaps Donald Trump is right!!!

Something must be implemented about the heavy influx of illegals that the Obama administration has allowed, and encouraged, over the past several years. I had a back and forth friendly exchange with a friend and neighbor today who was supporting Bernie Sanders. Her insistence on not going for Trump is still carrying forward. Perhaps it is time to re-iterate some facts about Trump that are not widely known:

  1. His grandparents were born in Germany and emigrated to the United States. Their son Fred Trump (Donald’s father) married MaryAnn MacLeod, who was born in Scotland.
  2. While Trump did inherit wealth from his father, he is personally responsible for accumulating the great bulk of his fortune.
  3. Trump’s parents dent him to a military school, New York Military Academy, when he was 13 years old. While there he played varsity football, varsity soccer, and was captain of his varsity baseball team.
  4. Trump does not drink coffee, tea or alcohol; and he eats lunch at his desk.
  5. Now I am acutely aware that these attributes do not alone make a man fit for the Presidency; but they do tell me he is not the ogre that the establishment tries to picture publicly.
  6. Also he has too many connections in the International community to fear retribution from them.

Jean Frances Coulard    6/30/16

**    The Los Angeles Times


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