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Former Joint Chiefs of Staff High Security Evaluations Action Officer, Al Cuppett, several classified deep, reported to Vigileaks just minutes ago: “Trudeau letting ISIS into Alberta, Canada. Poor suckers.”

Cuppett emphasizes,“Syrian comedian breaks down Trudeau’s insanity better than any politician could.” This report is on the immediate aftermath of Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson’s report titled, “Trudeau is a Complete Idiot.”

Cuppett emails the warning to Americans and Canadians after his professional analysis of the article and video, “Syrian comedian breaks down Trudeau’s insanity better than any politician could.” The revealing video is here:

It is urgent all iPatriot readers and activists send this video out to others!

With ISIS welcome in Canada, Trudeau has made his motives obvious:

  • Trudeau is not serving the Canadians who elected him but the New World Order
  • Trudeau remains close to Obama while defiant of President Trump
  • Trudeau is mocking the unified efforts of the USA and Russia to eradicate ISIS
  • Trudeau is complicit with the de-stabilization efforts of the globalists

A supporter of abortion and antagonistic toward Pro-Lifers, Trudeau has now taking things to the next level to abort Canadian nationalism.

While the USA southern border is becoming secured, its northern border has never been more threatened! Vigileaks predicts ISIS will flow from Canada to Michigan to complete the required demographic for Sharia Law. Michigan is now in great danger of receiving from Canada the terrorists Putin and Trump were unable to eradicate…

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