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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is playing the Marxist game of using religions for, ultimately, Marxist ends. Marxism does not believe in absolutes, in the afterlife, in standards of good and evil, in religions. It clings to naturalism, evolution, Masonry and immorality, all which Islam opposes.

More than sufficient evidence now exists, proving Trudeau is a fake Muslim convert. His overt hatred and indifference of Christianity equal his covert hatred and indifference of Islam. Incrementally engineering the two to clash for the destruction of Canadian nationalism, both religions are clandestinely corrupted, ultimately to be conquered by the New World Order.

Trudeau allows Islam into Canada only to corrupt Islam – while duping Islam into being the New World Order proxy to de-nationalize Canada for the sake of New World Order internationalism. Money is no obstacle in this dark agenda: Trudeau’s recent gift of $10 million, in Canadian tax revenue to a Muslim terrorist, was, in the final analysis, Trudeau’s purchasing engineered conflict between Canadians opposing this and Muslims.

Trudeau said nothing, in opposition to the Toronto mayor’s lap dance with a transgender stripper, before children and their mothers on Mother’s Day, clearly shows he has no Islamic conviction whatsoever.

Add to this Trudeau’s silence, as gay clubs are legalized in Canadian private and public schools, reveals Trudeau is simply waiting for all Islamic Canadian schools to comply. This is the Marxist agenda. But as we see with the recent legalization of Sharia Law in Brunei, the death penalty awaits the LGBTQ and nothing less.

So Trudeau is deceiving Islam with his routine two-faced script. It’s all designed to end in the Samuel Huntington-predicted “Clash of Civilizations” in which Trudeau-imported Islam and Christianity clash, as the NWO awaits this Divide-and-Conquer scenario, to ultimately manage the contrived crisis for the New World Order to conquer both…

It’s all designed to fulfill the Luciferian vision of Marxist radical revolutionary Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. The book puts forward what Trudeau and Soros agree upon, that all shall be “brought to rubble” for a New World Order to be built on.

And what about the middle and upper Islamic oil managers in Canada, Trudeau has so eagerly let in? Their fate will be the same as the once oil-rich and now impoverished Venezuela! As Trudeau uses UAE Muslims to sell $10.5 billion in oil to Alberta, per annum, the Albertan Muslims are denied their oil profits, as Trudeau uses Muslims against Muslims for New World Order goals! Clever!

So Justin Trudeau remains a two-faced puppet of the New World Order of Soros and Kissinger, advancing the globalist Masonic vision of a New World Order, deceiving – and corrupting – Islam all along the way. As Trudeau sits in a mosque, he does so at the clandestine behest of Soros and Kissinger. Meanwhile, homosexual acceptance is forced on all Muslim children attending school in LGBTQ Canada!

Indeed, Trudeau sits in a mosque – silently holding to Sharia-opposed LGBTQ, evolution, Marxism, Masonry – smiling at all he is deceiving…

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