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Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), like most Americans, is tired of seeing Andrew McCabe on TV.

The former FBI acting Director has been beclowning himself across the major broadcast networks in recent days. While he’s hoping to sell a book, what he’s really done is drive his reputation even further into the ground. The reality is that McCabe’s story has shifted and changed so often, that even his former supporters have been forced to distance themselves from him.

Over the weekend Gowdy appeared on Fox News to dismantle McCabe’s obvious lies and to shed the light of truth on the matter.

 Let’s go back to May 9, I believe it was, Comey is fired, and Andy McCabe wants you to believe the Department of Justice and FBI were in utter chaos, and they thought the president of the United States might be an agent of Russia. And they thought the president of the United States may be guilty of criminal obstruction of justice — May 9, 2017.

Two days later, Andy McCabe is before the Senate Intelligence Committee with the entire world watching. It is on worldwide television and he’s got the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he doesn’t say one single solitary word about Donald Trump being an agent of Russia, or criminally obstructing justice. And if that’s not good enough, if two days wasn’t enough time for Andy to process that, in June 2017, he’s right back before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

If you really believed Donald Trump was an agent of Russia, why did you tell CBS and not Congress? If you really believed that Donald Trump criminally obstructed justice, why did you tell CBS but you didn’t tell the United States Congress a month after you discovered it?

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