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Resist – The well organized and heavily funded national movement by the hard left and the Democratic Party to “resist” everything Republican and especially everything Trump. The movement’s expressed goal is to bring the Trump Presidency down.

Recess – When Congress is not in session so elected officials can return home and spend time in their district with their constituents.

“Resist Recess” is an organized national effort by the Democrats to be as disruptive as possible regarding everything Republican and especially everything Trump during the current two week Congressional recess.

As I watched, listened to and read various “troubling news reports” this week it occurred to me that there is an obvious correlation between everything President Trump does and accomplishes, compared to the level of hatred and violence openly directed toward him, the Republicans and America! It is also obvious that the hatred and violence are well organized, heavily funded and increasing with each passing week. If you look at my bio you will see that I have been a news and current events “junkie” for decades, and I can say without question, that I never imagined that I would see things in America like what is happening in the streets of America and “reported” on American media today! And the Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to support the increasing public displays of America hating and violence, and help “fan the flames” with little to no attempts to actually “report” facts.

Here is a sample of what has happened this past week:

The title of the protests, “Resist Recess” in itself is undeniable proof that the efforts to destroy the Trump Presidency and push America into the “One World Order” movement are well organized and heavily funded.

The consistency of the “Resist Recess” messaging and activities are proof that the current protests are well organized and heavily funded.

Republican members of Congress are still trying to hold “town hall” meetings in their districts, which is what elected members of Congress are supposed to be doing during the “recess”, while Democrats are leading organized protest! To date, except for “FOX NEWS”, I have seen very little “accurate” reporting about any Republican “town Hall” meetings being disrupted by well-organized protesters because they were led by paid organizers.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters continues to lead “impeach Trump” protests. This from a woman who should be in Federal prison for illegally manipulating Federal bank bailout funds to save a California bank that she and her husband owned stock in and where her husband was a member of the board. Even though there is a lot of video footage of her calling for Presidents Trump’s impeachment, including one where she was yelling from the rally speaker podium, “impeach Barney Fife” repeatedly, she denied calling for President Trump to be impeached on a recent CNN interview?

Bernie Sanders is on a 10 day national speaking tour leading rallies and protests calling for a “political revolution”.

Nancy Pelosi is leading anti-Trump and anti-Republican rallies and protests.

Anti-Trump protesters in Berkeley, wearing masks, violently disrupted a pro-Trump rally   with very little action by the Berkeley police to maintain order (obviously this is standard procedure for the Berkeley Police).  The “masked” protesters even confronted an Army Veteran in a wheel chair calling him “un-American”, because he asked them to please stop desecrating the American flag! In addition to wearing masks some of the protesters were wearing bicycle or motorcycle helmets and other protective gear (they obviously came prepared for violence).

The “Tax Day” anti-Trump protests all over America had similar talking points. It was all about President Trump’s tax returns. When the MSM gave a well-dressed, well-spoken middle aged woman camera time she demanded to see President Trump’s tax returns because, “he was in with Russia and the Mafia and was hiding it”. Another woman said that the Trumps have, “spent more money already than the Obama’s did in four years” (yes those are direct quotes)! Other people said similar ridiculous things at other rallies and I did not see the MSM make any effort to question anyone making such ridiculous statements!

Sarah Silverman, a standup comedian gave a poorly delivered vulgar speech, directed at President Trump at one of the ”Tax Day” anti-Trump protest, which included a stream of childish name calling.

Bob Beckel was rehired by FOX NEWS earlier this year to share the “liberal seat” on “The Five” with Juan Williams. With each passing week Bob has become increasingly verbally abusive, crass and completely irrational about President Trump and Republicans. On several occasions recently he has become so upset he was a textbook example of a person being “apoplectic” (overcome with anger and indignation). One night recently Bob became so visibly upset that his co-hosts tried to reason with him and calm him down by pointing out that with all the problems in America and the violence happening in places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan maybe it was time for all Americans to come together and work together to find solutions. This only made Bob even more angry and irrational?  He actually said that nothing would make him embrace Trump or Republicans! This is just one more example of the Democrat’s obsession with destroying the Trump Presidency at any cost.

As noted above, every time President Trump accomplishes anything or says anything publicly, then the hate ratchets up another notch for Trump, Republicans and America!  Accomplishments like the pin point missile strike in Syria, the MOAB bomb drop and the very positive meeting with China’s leader are drawing withering “friendly fire” from the Democrats. After the meeting with President Trump the Chinese CANCELLED a large shipment of coal from North Korea (that was already in transit), replaced the coal order with American suppliers, and moved 150,000 troops with heavy armaments to the China North Korea border.

Apparently “Trump derangement syndrome” is highly contagious and incurable!

We have experienced violent riots and protest in America in the past. I clearly remember the violent L.A.Rodney King riots and the hippie anti-Vietnam war protests, but we have never experienced anything like what is happening in America now. We not only are experiencing an internal war in America, the Democrat’s open hatred for everything Conservative and Patriotic is growing  every week, and so is their willingness to say and do anything to rip America apart!



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