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As America, and all of the Christians around the world take the time to stop the wild and crazy day to day hustle and bustle, may each of us Remember the true meaning that God has given us this day.

It has always been easy to say the True meaning of Christmas is not a little chubby elf with a beard white as snow, nor a tree of glimmering lights, or baubles of Christmases past, but it is much harder to actually give the true Gift of the season.It is always easy to give love, tolerance, and mistletoe to the ones we love, but God did not just share with believers, he shared with the non-believers, the soldiers, and the Kings.

I sent a couple cards to my Mom, and she received them yesterday, Thursday, and she said she had a hard time getting into the house because she was crying with happiness. These cards did not have a bar of gold, nor a $1000.00 bill, but just the pictures of this year’s decorations, the two “kids” cats sent her a card, plus my card to her. These were simple cards, simple smartphone pictures, but the love and gift of the heart were unmeasurable.

christmas-animated-images-2We can always decorate beautifully a green tree to be that beacon of love and hope for a coming year of love, hope and happiness, but should we not first celebrate the manger that Jesus was laid upon in swaddling clothes? He brought many teachings, much love, and the gift of eternal life with him. Can we ever return a gift of such magnitude to God? Happiness, freedom, love, cherishing, guidance, sharing, following, discovering, accepting, rejoicing all are gifts to God. Shall you find a stranger to truly bring happiness to this season? Can you stop with all of the desires of ourselves to bring happiness to a Veteran, a homeless family, a hungry child, a senior citizen? Take time to know them. IT is not just money, but the hope of a better tomorrow, the freedom to run freely, to believe without walls, love without judgment, cherish the moments and when truly glowing smiles become a part of a person’s life, then we know God has blessed them through us as we became part of their lives.

Let us guide our lives in appreciation of the love and life that God has given us. Let us be the disciple that God has always intended. take the time to share your blessing with the less fortunate, invite them to your feast, give them a jacket that is no longer worn, find a place with them to be out of the cold, wind, rain and snow. follow the love of Jesus and show acceptance, teaching, worship to all in your path. Belief is more than a sermon, more than a holiday get together, but a daily relationship with our Father. To share the true spirit of Christ’s Birth, it is not tossing money in a can, dropping off old clothing to whoever at a charity, spending 2 hours at a food bank, or talking about Christmas, but it is that Northern Light for all around you.

During this holiday, The world is in turmoil, people are dying, others are planning how to hurt people, others just want to be loved, safe and no longer hungry. Let us plant the tree of the ever growing world of love, acceptance, and compassion, let us place a manger in our home for the young at heart, homeless, downtrodden, in despair, and finally, as we take in all of the glamour and opulence of the season by retailers, let us rise far above all of that and be the Northern Light of love, compassion and giving of heart over item.

As we celebrate this Christmas, let us take the time to make a stranger’s life as hopeful, loving, and caring as our own. Let us know with whom we share our tidings with, and let us be true Disciples of Christ this Holiday Season.


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