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There is a narrative that is being promoted today by the left and the media that is a stalking horse argument surrounding transgender bathroom and locker room “choice.” They argue that this has not been a problem in the past and that transgender individuals “only want to pee.”

Their argument ignores the two most important arguments against transgender “choice” of a bathroom or locker room that fits their gender identity.

First, is the issue of privacy. I have empathy for transgender people. I cannot imagine how difficult their lives are. However, to invade the privacy of a majority to accommodate the interests of less than one half of one percent of the population makes no sense. This is of minor to moderate concern when it comes to public bathrooms or “Restrooms.” The fact is that most men simply would not care and virtually all women’s restrooms provide the privacy of stalls. As adults, most of us would learn to live with these new rules, albeit with some discomfort for many.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for school locker rooms. As almost every American recalls, the school locker room experience in junior high school and high school, even in college, especially for pubescent and adolescent children, was awkward and embarrassing at best, panic inducing to some, and impossible to others. These children’s bodies are under transition. They are not yet comfortable with their own gender and sexuality and most would prefer not to have to undress or shower in a public setting, even with their closest friends of like gender. Now force upon them the requirement to change, undress, or shower with and in full view of someone of the opposite anatomical gender, regardless of that individual’s self-assigned transgender identity? This places a near impossible and unfair burden on the majority of children.

To be fair and equitable, we must provide the best possible accommodation to transgender people as possible, that does not infringe on the privacy rights of the majority. In most cases this means assignment to a separate facility such as a faculty dressing room or single use dressing room and bathroom.

Second, we all know that some criminals and deviants will falsely claim status as transgendered as a ruse that gains them access to the bathroom or locker room of the opposite gender. Why are we so certain of this? Because it is already happening! Are there not enough peeping Toms, sexual predators, and rapists already without creating a vehicle that makes their predatory behavior easier?

I am not anti-transgender. I support equal rights for all. However, I do not support reverse discrimination against majorities for the sake of accommodating a small minority in a way that infringes on the rights of that majority. To paraphrase Mr. Spock in one of the Star Trek movies, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”


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