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Remember those disaster movies where controls on a train break down and is careering towards a station to kill people? That’s how I see the transgender movement. Yet another branch of the homosexual perversion, it presents us with pathetic creatures who think they are the opposite sex, confusing ‘sex’ and ‘gender’, as if they were the same thing. The movement has grown rapidly in just a year, and it will crash spectacularly unless it is stopped.

One writer, Camille Paglia, said “Transgender mania is a symptom of the West’s cultural collapse” (CNS News, 3rd Nov. 2015). She spoke out against the prevailing evils of homosexuality and its sub-category, transgenderism, referring to both as a sign of the decadence of the West (and thus easy meat for jihadists).

Dr Paul McHugh, Professor of Psychiatry at John Hopkins, bluntly said that “transgendered men don’t become women, they become feminised men, impersonators” (in Public Discourse, the Witherspoon Institute, 3rd August, 2016; quoted in CNS News). I am not usually impressed by psychiatrists, but Dr McHugh is spot-on. He also referred to women who pretend to be men.

Indeed, onlookers would have to be blind, deaf and weak-minded to accept these creatures as normal, or as the sex they claim to be! Often, in the past, when faced with a ‘transgender’ I had to burst out laughing, because they look so bizarre. Today, the same laughter could get me arrested, even though my reaction is sound and reasonable. Why society should be banned from ridiculing or ignoring what is plainly stupid I cannot tell, unless it is part of very liberal ideas to destroy our ability to be critical. Yet, as McHugh adds – it is “scientific fact” that no person can change their sex. Changing gender is very different and is a sign of mental imbalance, not of any actual change.

This, too, is echoed by McHugh, who calls transgender a “mental disorder” because “sex change is biologically impossible”. Those who collaborate with this delusion, he says, are “promoting a mental disorder” (CNS News, 2nd June, 2015). He also mentioned surgery as “not the answer” when these unfortunate people decide to get bits chopped off or added. All it did was to make their delusions worse, until they suddenly realise after the event that they had made a mistake. This has happened to Bruce Jenner – obviously a man even when wearing a dress! But, of course, transgenders provide the sick media with ever-worse examples of repulsive error. So, each case is lapped up and given prominence.

Of course, as with the big-daddy/mother of the movement – mainstream homosexuality – an individual dare not be critical of these people floundering on the very edge of normality. If they do criticise they are attacked without mercy. No doubt I would be similarly attacked if I said that Mickey Mouse was not a real mouse, not a person! As former child-star Drake Bell commented on his Tweet account about so-called ‘Caitlin Jenner’, “Sorry… still calling you Bruce”! That’s how it ought to be, but he was pounced on from a great height by other deluded souls who call themselves liberal.

Though the whole scene is absurd and obviously ridiculous, some are taking the transgender stupidity even farther. Like Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, who made it legal for transgenders to alter their birth certificate even when they have not undergone surgery. (Surgery does not alter sex anyway). Personally I see this as an abuse of both facts and law. If someone was born male or female, then it must be on the certificate. Imagine if, say, I wanted my degree certificates to be changed to make me a surgeon? Why not? It is exactly the same thing!

One of the very few honest medical associations with integrity, the American College of Paediatricians (excuse British spelling!), has publicly demolished transgender claims. A press release issued on February 2nd, said “The American College of Paediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts, not ideology, determine reality.” Well said!

The spokesmen for this august body adds that “Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: XY and XX are genetic markers of health, not genetic markers of a disorder.” The same spokesmen give another seven reasons why transgender is absurd. “No-one is born with a gender. Everyone is born with a biological sex. Gender is a sociological and psychological concept, not an objective biological one”. Perhaps the word “idiocy” should have been used instead of ‘concept’! The statement says that the normal run of childhood can be deeply scarred and marred by the ridiculous claims of transgenderism. And “no matter what sex a person imagines themselves to be, they remain either a biological male or a biological female.” It is my view that any such claims should be treated for what they really are – stupid statements made by mentally unbalanced individuals.

The same report spoke of the highly dangerous practice of giving chemical blockers to promote the onset of opposite sex changes in children; dangers being almost anything from high blood pressure to cancer. As the child grows older so he or she would need ‘cross-sex hormones’, but that “Rates of suicide are 20 times greater among adults who use cross-sex hormones and undergo sex reassignment surgery.”

Homosexuals love to blame ‘society’ for the high number of homosexual/transgender suicides, but these claims are negated by Sweden, which supports freedom for homosexuality, and where the same rate applies. As I reported over thirty years ago, these suicides are caused NOT by criticism by society, but by the inward knowledge of all homosexuals that what they do is unbalanced and immoral.

As for surgery for children (approved by their foolish and dangerous parents), the report calls it “child abuse”, which it is for any sensible rational person. Yet, ‘treating’ youngsters for supposed gender discordance will drive them towards a carcinogenic future and toxic psychological deviancy and woeful results.

The latest press release (3rd August 2016) by the College bluntly says that “Normalizing gender dysphoria is dangerous and unethical’”. And so it is. Parents who have their babies’ ears pierced to receive rings are, to me, being abusive towards their children, who cannot rationally choose to have it done. But, gender reassignment is exponentially worse as abuse, and medics who perform surgery on these children should be struck off for also being abusive. In essence they are assaulting children with grievous bodily harm.

The release, based on the latest report, ‘Gender Dysphoria (GD) in Children’, says that supposed gender confusion usually disappears when children reach adolescence. It says that debate about this abuse is suppressed, and the arguments are being popularised by the media. (Exactly as happened with homosexuality itself, where warped opinion, rather than factual data, ruled the approach taken by medicine and psychiatry). Thus, says the report, operating on transgenders or treating with dangerous drugs “violates the long-standing medical ethics principle of ‘First do no harm’.”

Public officers who mandate forced acceptance of GD try to make transgenderism in children ‘normal’, but the report says such officers are “misguided and dangerous”. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Christian Medical Association, amongst others (including over 20,000 doctors), share the same ethical approach.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the College states, “We live at a time in which social agendas often bias the results of research and lead to the development of false medical standards. Those who honorably speak out against this are chastised. Young children are being permanently sterilized and surgically maimed under the guise of treating a condition that would otherwise resolve in over 80% of them. This is criminal.”

Don’t be sucked in or intimidated by willfully bad professionals. Speak out, or we will end up with seriously maimed and psychologically disturbed children and adults. This kind of article usually receives comments from liberals who share stupidity, but so what? Children are more precious than their anti-intellectual, uncritical nonsense. We either let the train crash at the station, killing most, or we do something – and in the films the hero always stops the train! So, who is the hero, then?


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