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Every day we are bombarded by politicians and news media hysterically yelling the words “Traitor, Impeach Him”, not fully understanding what they are saying. A traitor is someone who is not loyal or true to a friend, duty, cause, or belief or is false to a personal duty. Republican voters went to the polls and voted for our president. Democratic voters went to the polls because they had faith in our system of government, knowing that it is the best system of government that has ever existed. We all had faith that we, the people, could choose our leaders and run our government. Some did not like the result of the last election. Nearly half of the country has not liked the results of our elections ever since Washington was first elected president. What we are seeing is not a protest, this is a planned coup d’ e’tate, astroke of the state” or “blow to the government.” Maxine Waters doesn’t want to replace Trump with Pence, she wants our form of government overthrown. She and everyone shouting the same mindless mantra is disloyal to all those who voted last election, both democrat and republican.

This desire to overthrow the government needs to stop. This fascist compulsion to squelch freedom of expression, no matter for what good reason, needs to be prosecuted. The Anti-fa and BLM criminal actions need to be punished and eliminated. We need to restore the rule of law for the dignity of the people. Our lawmakers need to stop their treasonous “resisting”, being false to their personal duty, and start participating in solving the problems we are facing. Let’s look at just three issues we are facing that all legislators together could and should be working on.

Healthcare – Without all the legislators participating, Obamacare should have never passed in the first place, and now that it has failed completely, we can see that it is worse than what we had before. The problem is that the insurance industry has eliminated competition and individual freedom of choice. The government should be regulating and restricting insurance and stay out of the healthcare business that they have no mandate for. Repeal Obamacare completely and don’t replace it with anything. Any other attempts of the federal government to be in the healthcare business should be stopped. If the states want to come up with a plan that is in line with their state constitutions, let them. With 50 states competing, we will soon find the best plan. If California wants a single payer all inclusive plan and Nevada doesn’t want any plan at all, it’s their choice. Let’s see what is best.

Taxes – Why do we have this monstrosity? Make the tax code just ten pages. Eliminate the IRS altogether. Look at what we are trying to accomplish in the first place, that is funding the government. Everyone who lives in this country should be paying something to support it. To what extent is debatable, but let’s debate it, instead of accusing each other of motives we can not possibly know. Just use the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle. We should also be determining what share is the responsibility of commerce and they should all be paying as well, every single one of them, except maybe charities.

Immigration – We have borders and everyone who wants to cross over into this country should want to be here (which is why they come in the first place) and should want to support and defend the people of this country. Criminals and terrorists do not want to do that. We should screen everyone to make sure that they are in favor of the American way of life. Until we can do this effectively, we should close the borders and enforce the laws that we now have in place. If we do not like those laws, then the legislators who we elected should change them. In the meantime, we will show our respect for the rule of law by following the laws and enforcing them. What about all those who have been here illegally for some time? Well, first things first. Close the borders, come up with an effective screening process, then have the legislature deal with this problem.

Most importantly, we should all be working together to make this government the very best it can be, and that means stopping this self-defeating “Resist” movement. It is selfish and narrow-minded to be against this government preventing it from working the best it can. Let’s be determined to do our best for all the people, not just for the people we agree with.

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