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Some time back I began receiving emails from a person on behalf of ‘Trailer Park Patriots.’ I usually read what they have to say, but until today, I never considered publishing what they send me. I don’t even know if they would approve.

I’m not really sure if they have a particular website for their followers, because I had a little difficulty locating one. I received my email from the “Chief Pundit and Chief Political Analyst of Trailer Park Patriots of Pennsylvania” but the email message is from John from Arkansas.

As America heads into the Presidential election, I think the email content worth being published at iPatriot, but not wanting to get iPatriot into trouble should the Trailer Park Patriots object to me publishing the email here (though I can’t see why they would), I have published the full email at Kingscalendar. If the organization objects to me about publishing the email, I will remove it from Kingscalendar.

The email I received read thusly.

From: John —— To: Americans everywhere October 23, 2016

I have been writing to you (almost 8,000 people nationwide) for several years about our nation being born as a Constitutional Republic and the fact that WE are allowing it slip away from us toward Socialism. But, as you know, for the best part of two years I’ve written about the monumental decision we are now facing, namely, Do we CHANGE our direction back to being a Constitutional Republic or continue toward Socialism? It is now time for me to stop writing and talking and exercise my vote. Early voting begins here in Arkansas tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 24th. Besides, what is there left for me to say about the importance of this election, and the two candidates I am to select from, that hasn’t already been said?

As you all know, I am a strong supporter of Donald Trump and I don’t know anyone who is Conservative or Republican or who wants our country to change direction that is going to vote for Hillary Clinton. So who among you, who intend to vote, are still undecided; probably nobody?

I here paraphrase a lady who supports Donald Trump. We are WAY beyond voting for a person for President based on their character. None of the candidates have shining character – especially Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton.

Our country’s history is to fight against tyrannical rule, now here in 2016 that may mean fighting the mainstream media’s, and political party boss’s, attempts to sway this election for Hillary Clinton and her Globalist friends by us showing up in force at the polls on November 8th. I am convinced that if all who are for Donald Trump and a CHANGE IN WASHINGTON D.C. will in fact vote, he will be our next president. I urge you all to vote, vote early, and cast that vote for Donald Trump and a Constitutional Republic.

I have done everything I know how to do to lay out for your consideration, in an honest and objective manner, 8 of the most overriding issues. Here are those issues and Mr. Trump’s and Mrs. Clinton’s well known positions on what each want to see, and make, happen. This is what really matters.

1. OPEN OR CLOSED BORDERS: National Security

Hillary Clinton is for an entire Western Hemisphere of open borders, free travel with no restrictions as to identity or the numbers of people entering these countries, including the U.S. She wants a mirror image of the European Common Market. It is estimated up to 600 million people could freely migrate here.

Donald Trump is for completely closed borders with strict limitations and extreme vetting on who and how many people are allowed to enter the U.S. He is soundly opposed to the European Common Market concept.

Read the complete email at Kingscalendar.

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