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What is traditional in this election, Hillary lying. She said only Republicans received the notice that her e-mail case was being reopened. She didn’t read the second page to the Democrats. Let’s go directly to the reopening of the e-mail case and why now.

In July Inspector Comet said there was not enough evidence to indict careless Hillary, 33,000 e-mails were destroyed or missing. Now from an related case they show up, twelve days before the election. Traditionary the FBI doesn’t get too involved in presidential campaigns or mention ongoing investigations. This was at least twelve days and not a Saturday night massacre that occurred in the past. Inspector has two orations say Hillary Clinton is guilty, or have a through investigation. It is the American voter to decide where to take the risk. Do we want to elect Hillary under a cloud of suspicion that could lead to immediate impeachment proceedings or more?

Do we want to elect a congress that will not hold her accountable? She could now be a greater risk than Donald Trump in all areas.

For Comey to reopen this case, I feel that the newfound evidence is what was lacking for the indictment that was originally expected. The evidence concerns national security. On a side note it is said by some that the National Security Administration (NSA) has copies of Hillary’s e-mails. The other danger for Hillary is it could expose many campaign statements. Enough to change the vote of some women and minorities. WikiLeaks and operation Veritas could be backed up.

This election has broken with tradition in the following ways:
1. First woman to win nomination for president.
2. First non-politician businessman.
3. ,No two candidates with higher negatives.
4. The largest number of candidate in a presidential primary.
5. No one has been declared politically dead more them Trump.
6. Trump depends more on rallies and the internet more than paid advertising.
7. Hillary has spent many days off the campaign.
8. Political polling has has more than the usual giant swings.
9. The campaigns have been more about personalities than issue
10. The traditions of our founding and the constitution is at stake.


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