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Lest anyone think for a moment that the revolution we have been fostering this past decade left no casualties carried off the field and forgotten. There was a real-life human toll that was sometimes devastating.

Despite the political battles, the long nights and small crowds, the personal financial and even more important sacrifices we Patriots were moreover ostracized and ridiculed for our passion. But we held together and grew. Because we were totally organic we spread into specific areas to be conquered and ultimately used the Establishment GOP to climb into power and begin working effectively from the inside for the first time.

Folks. You are living the Chinese curse of living in “interesting times” and that will be studied for a very long time as a pivotal point in our history.

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But. As in any ‘war’, there is what they call ‘collateral damage.’ Track Palin is collateral damage. I know of others, one who was not so lucky and took his life at 15.

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All of you, all of us – including Sarah Palin took and take seriously as a heart attack the final line of the Declaration of Independence “…we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor…”

This #TeaParty thing, this Trump shocker thing… they’re not larks, they are not blips or swings of mood. They are fundamental and seismic shifts in our Executive Branch and relations between the Federal and State governments and the People. And many gave much to this cause as they did to cover the backs of our Heroes overseas, looking Death in the eye and dropping him like a stone.

My heart goes out to Sarah Palin and to her family. She, they and we have given much for this moment. As Alan Shepard prayed in what became known as the #AstrounautsPrayer while he sat on the launchpad “Dear God, Please don’t let me fuck up.”

Read “me” as “us”, consider that marching orders and give me an AMEN!

God Bless Sarah, Track, and all those who are hurting from the fight. Pray for those who follow us to carry the torch.

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Mark Williams

Author, Past Chairman Tea Party & Conservative Party USA. Radio/TV/Print Journalist. Ordained Minister. Woke up to change AND hope Wed 11/9/16


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