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Vladimir Lenin in Seattle Editorial credit: Joseph Sohm /

Republished with permission from Gary Gindler:

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered.  And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute.  History has stopped.  Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right”.  George Orwell, “1984”

How many historical monuments will be destroyed in America by the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017?  How many will survive? In America, there are 718 politically incorrect Confederate monuments in 31 states.

There is where we will find those who wear light brown (black in today’s US) uniforms.  The “Antifa” would like, as their predecessors from SA (Sturmabteilung, better known as the Brownshirts), to find a warehouse that the followers of the shocked but quite socialist Schicklgruber accidentally stumbled upon.  They located a uniform warehouse for the German African Expeditionary Corps during the First World War.  Army officials sold a huge amount of light brown uniforms to SA for a symbolic price, and the motley Nazi gang immediately turned into a formidable organization which had to be accepted by all Germans.

Fascists from Antifa also want to be accepted.  Why does the fascist organization Antifa call themselves anti-fascist? If we take a look at Orwell’s novel “1984”: “war is peace”, and “freedom is slavery.”

Antifa could not find standard light-brown uniforms, so they decided on a more affordable option – to imitate the Blackshirts of Mussolini.  Although there is an opinion that, knowing the sad fate of SA, they decided to discard this phase and go straight to the formation of SS, which wore black uniforms.

But something tells me that Antifa is still trying to imitate Mussolini’s militants.  As is known, Mussolini admired Karl Marx and considered him not only his teacher but also his father (Antifa holds the same opinion).  But Mussolini had a special love for Lenin.  The love of these two left-wing dictators was mutual.  In 1922, Mussolini was called the “Italian Lenin”, which made him very proud.  Lenin said that Mussolini was the only real revolutionary in Italy.

As far as I know, there are no statues of Mussolini in America, but there are five statues of the bloody dictator Lenin.  If one were to demolish all of the politically incorrect monuments, Lenin must be one of them.  Here is a list of cities where monuments to Lenin were erected in the USA:

– Las Vegas
– Atlantic City
– New York city
– Seattle
– Los Angeles

Lenin Seattle

Photo: Worshiping Lenin in Seattle

And what about the Ku Klux Klan monument? There is one.  Right in Washington, on Capitol Hill.  This is a monument to Democratic Senator Robert Byrd – the head of the Ku Klux Klan branch in West Virginia, and close friends with the Clintons.

All these statues of Lenin and Byrd, dearly loved by leftists, will also be demolished.  Over time, of course.  Because rewriting history is a continuous process, and there are no “untouchables” in this matter.  The Ministry of Truth will order these monuments to be replaced with the monuments of the unknown heroes of Soros-jugend – and Leninfall will begin in America.  Because “the party is always right.”

Lenin Los Angeles

Photo: The statue of Lenin in Los Angeles

The experience in rewriting history by the leftists is impressive.  It is clear that the mass destruction of politically incorrect statues is well organized.  Monuments began to be demolished almost simultaneously in many states, and some of the monuments are demolished legally – per the decision of the local authorities, but there are cases when the monuments were torn down by vandals in black uniforms.  What for? It is obvious that statues as such have only indirect relation to this process.

In Chicago, for example, unknown people vandalized the bust of Lincoln.  I recall that he fought against the Confederates, and freed the slaves.  But his party affiliation turned out to be politically incorrect – a Republican.  These destroyers proudly align themselves with other destroyers – ISIS, the Taliban, Weimar Republic, and the Bolsheviks.

The main goal of the modern Blackshirts is to assert control over people through terrorism.  Demolition of monuments is only a tool to achieve this goal.  Therefore, they will not stop at the monuments.

Just like the Ku Klux Klan was called to assert control by Democrats over blacks and those whites who resist it.

Just as the pseudo-scientific hysteria of “global warming” was called upon to assert control over the redistribution of cash flows from the USA to the countries of the third world.

Just as the pseudo-problem of the “ozone hole” was intended to assert control over the redistribution of the US chemical industry markets.

Just as the deliberate overstatement by the US intelligence services of the nuclear power of the USSR was intended to assert control over the US military budget.

Many in America, both right and left, condemn the demolition of the Confederate monuments because they are the cultural and historical heritage of the country.  But for the well-educated Antifa crowd, such high matters are alien and incomprehensible.  Therefore, in addition to the monuments, an attempt will be made to go through all items on the list without exception, indicated above in the epigraph (the socialist Orwell, who knew the left-wing ideology deeply, had no difficulty in looking into the future).

Non-politically correct records are being called to be destroyed or falsified.  Non-politically correct books are being called to be rewritten.  Non-politically correct statues, streets, and buildings are being called to be taken down, renamed, and demolished.  Military bases (10 of them bear the names of the officers of the army of the Confederates) are being called to be renamed.  We certainly are beginning to hear the whispers for rounding up dissidents and political opposition and their placement into concentration camps for “re-education”.

The renaming hysteria has reached political movements: the left in America successfully managed to stick the nickname “alt-right” to their most odious left-wing associates, and in retaliation, some short-sighted right-wingers immediately came up with the non-existent label: “alt-left”.

If the appearance on the political horizon of the “alt-right” was well planned and well organized by left-wing strategists, then the sudden appearance of “alt-left” is a pure improvisation that will not last long.

All this leapfrog with the hanging of unnecessary epithets reminds me of a well-known problem in astronomy.  Even the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks knew that there are two main categories of celestial bodies.  One category is the sun and stars.  They swim smoothly every day from the east to the west.  Another category is the planet.  They move mainly from west to east, but sometimes they change direction in a completely strange way and move to the right or left of the expected course.

In the time of Ptolemy, a very complex mechanical model was built, which roughly, but overall correctly described this behavior of the planets. This model was used by seafarers for 1500 years.  What did Copernicus do? He simply transferred the coordinate system from the Earth to the Sun, and the description of the motion of the planets has become simple enough that now any school child can do it.

Returning to politics; one should never forget that the system of coordinates of the political spectrum of the right-left has long been defined, and it is not necessary to constantly juggle terms with the right-left ones to confuse you.

The coordinate system in politics is very simple.  It lies in the citizen-state paradigm.

Politicians who believe that most of the country’s wealth should belong to citizens (and, therefore, dictate to the state it’s will) is right.  Politicians who believe that the state should own most of the country’s wealth (and, consequently, dictate its will to the population) is left.

No “alt” to describe the political movement is required.  Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Obama, and Clinton are left-wing.  As well as Antifa, white supremacists, BLM, and neo-Nazis.  Coolidge, Churchill, Pinochet, Reagan, Thatcher, Trump, Netanyahu are right-wing.  Initially, neither Ku Klux Klan nor its founder, the Democratic Party, were leftists.  The seizure by the left extremists of the Democratic Party began as early as the “progressive era” of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and concluded with the election of Obama.

Thus, in the 2016 elections, the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan endorsed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  And who else? The KKK could not possibly support Trump, the recipient of the Honorary Medal of Ellis Island together with the boxer Muhammad Ali and the legend of the civil rights movement Rosa Parks.

It seems that the latest directive from the fascist command Antifa proclaimed the slogan “Trump is a puppet of Putin” obsolete and ineffective.  Only about 10% of Americans supported this direction of struggle.  It is impossible to go to the elections with such low-ranking slogans.  Long live the new slogans of the Democrats in the elections of 2018: “Trump is a fascist!” (for the white electorate) and “Trump is a racist!” (for the black electorate).

The most interesting thing is that Trump and the Republican leaders are quite tolerant of the racist and anti-American antics of the left.  They understand that if further events develop in the same way as in Charlottesville, the opposing factions of the left (neo-Nazis and KKK vs.  Antifa and BLM) will significantly weaken, if not annihilate each other politically

One can only hope that the emotionally colored slogans of the Democrats “Trump is a Fascist” and “Trump is a Racist” will not be able to change the balance of power in the politically awakened America in 2018.

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