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Tommy Robinson is to rot in solitary confinement in Leicester Prison for an indefinite time longer.  England’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS, a travesty of Her Majesty) has just unilaterally postponed Tommy’s scheduled appeal hearing on his infamous imprisonment.  That imprisonment (abduction) was performed without anything approaching due process.  The CPS says it is “not ready.”  The date was set, the time was set, the judge had been selected, the courtroom was chosen, defense team was ready to go, but the CPS somehow isn’t ready.

Tommy’s supporters view this as a gratuitous continuation of a false imprisonment for speaking freely about Islam and Muslims in England.  And it is that.  But there may be something more going on here.

I may be just “spinning” this development positively, but maybe not.

The bible repeatedly has words to the effect “God put into their hearts to…” to explain seemingly inexplicable behavior.

My suspicion (I do not know) is that God put it into the minds of the Democrats (this includes the media) in the last election to give Donald Trump extensive coverage, on the theory that given enough rope he would hang himself.  Indisputably the wrong strategy.

Something of the same sort may be going on here.  There is a massive #freetommy rally planned for London for July 14.  The last such rally drew more than twenty thousand protestors.  Things became quite animated.  Tommy’s hearing was scheduled for July 10.  Obviously the CPS doesn’t want the hearing to take place just before the rally.  Why?

The obvious explanation is that the appeal has already been denied, and the CPS doesn’t want this decision made public just before the rally.  But the price of this tactic has been to announce the postponment of the hearing today (7/3) just eleven days before the rally, a decision that has already enraged Tommy’s supporters.

If the aim of the postponment was to avoid enraging Tommy supporters, it has already failed.  And if people conclude, as I have suggested above, that the postponment is because the appeal has already been denied, the Crown is asking for mayhem.

If this is the case, where could they possibly have come up with such a hare-brained idea?

Or maybe the CPS aim is precisely to create furious protestors, on the theory that this will turn public opinion against the Tommy supporters.  You know, like giving Donald Trump lots of publicity.

In case you think that this event has nothing to do with the United States, I think that idea is mistaken.  We must not whistle past Magna Carta in flames.

For better or worse, European ideas have a way of oozing into America.  Will our freedom of speech long survive its death in the land of its birth?  #freetommy.

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