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Tommy Robinson is free!  On August 1 the British special court of appeals quashed his conviction for contempt of court.  If you don’t already know this you might as well go back to whatever you’ve been doing; these events have no meaning to you.

I guess this would include the snakes at Amnesty International, et al, who never met a political prisoner they didn’t like until Tommy Robinson showed-up in the West.

Yes, Tommy was subjected to moderate-to-serious torture. He didn’t lose 42 pounds because he was well nourished.  Shouted (credible) death threats, shit thrown into his cell, reports that his wife and kids would be attacked with acid, highly restricted solitary confinement are some of the things I picked up listening to his interview with Ezra Levant of REBEL Media.  I hope that his health has not been permanently damaged.

I had intended to use this article to complain of my Tommy Robinson video being effectively shadow-banned by YouTube – poor Bob.  It is an honor to share, however trivially, in Tommy’s treatment.  (Much as it is an honor to share, however trivially, in Jesus’ treatment)

While an inspiring number of people have come out in support of Tommy Robinson, worldwide, a distressing number of people seem not to get it.

Tommy Robinson has become a symbol of the remnant of Western Civilization in England.  Since the end of WWII the British Empire has collapsed; drastically.  If the Muslim invasion of England is not halted, that collapse will be complete – England, as England, will be obliterated.

Of course, empires and nations disappear throughout history.  But there has never been a nation like England that somehow (I choose Christianity) has given rise to so much human progress.  Magna Carta, Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, John Wycliffe, the patent system, the industrial revolution, Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith, Michael Faraday, Edmund Cartwright, the jet engine, John Locke, William Harvey, Joseph Lister, John Dalton, Robert Hooke, James Maxwell, Ernest Rutherford, Edmund Halley, George Washington, the USA are just some of those atop the British fount of human progress.  (No, I remembered few of these until I looked them up)

Surely England deserves a less ignoble end than to be overrun by Islam (although having turned away from God, maybe not).

Make no mistake, if England becomes part of the Caliphate the reminders of her history will be destroyed. The British museum will be no more.  Her cathedrals will be turned into mosques, defaced or destroyed – along with human rights.  By then even feminists will realize that something is wrong, but it will be far too late for them, and for everyone else.

Leftists of many varieties have a hatred of God greater than their fear of death, so they are currently de facto allied with Islam.  However, as the prospect of death gets closer this may change.  Already the Democrat party is faced with the #Walkaway movement.

Reports from England say that her cathedrals are beginning to fill once more.  There is nowhere else left to turn, and no One else left to turn to.

In the meantime do whatever you can to support Tommy Robinson and his cause – everything from prayers to $ will help.

Here is the link to my latest video supporting Tommy.  It takes on shadow-banning, and updates the news on Tommy.


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