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Anyone who has watched any of the videos of the many women’s marches or gatherings online noticed that the women at these events are just plain awful looking. At first, I was pretty sure they were all lesbians but the truth is they’re probably aren’t that many lesbians in any of the areas in which these events take place so I continued watching these videos even though I found them extremely offensive trying to figure out who these women were.

One of the things I couldn’t help but notice was that a significant number of women at these events looked like they hit the wall years ago. Their looks were long gone for sure but women can make up for their failed natural outward appearance with makeup and clothing and by spending a little time each day exercising. None of these women young or old seemed to be making any effort in their appearance whatsoever, in fact, many of them actually looked like they were going out of their way to look ugly.

Well ok, these are at least in theory radical feminists so I guess we have to expect them to look a little butch right? Or does this sloppy looking female permeate throughout our society? I guess it is time for me to tell another one of my stories.

About a year and a half ago my woman and I went to see a band called Jenga play at Mizner Park in Boca Raton. If you don’t know anything about Boca Raton it is a very high-end town in South East Florida that is sometimes referred to as the Beverly Hills of the east coast. The town is chock full of multi-millionaires and billionaires. Mizner Park is Boca’s premier gathering place for high-end shopping, eating, and moderate partying.

Jenga used to be a well known local band (rock and roll) but its members had moved away to places like Texas and Alabama and I know all the band members so we came early on in the show and stayed late as well.

This was a Friday night in the richest (per capita) town in Florida in a swanky area of town so what would you expect the young women who attended the event (it was in a bar) to look like? Pretty hot right? It was as if a bus of lesbians pulled up and dropped a bunch gay girls off (not many lesbians are lipstick lesbians). I’m not saying these were ugly bitches because quite frankly they were too young for the most part to be ugly but they all kinda looked like they were dressed for geology class.

There was one hot girl in the club though. You could tell she was eating salads and doing at least some exercise. The way she looked, as if she was going out to a club on a Friday night, well even my girl was checking her out. The rest of the young women really looked like they just rolled out of bed after having slept in their jeans. The hot chick was wearing a skirt. Are men really going MGTOW or are today’s women just not attractive to them? I study people and that night was fascinating to me because as far as I could tell none of these women had gotten picked up or even approached by the guys there.

There are a lot of mistakes young women are making in their appearance these days if they want to attract a man. First of all WTF are you doing to your hair? Grey stripes or gray hair in your 20’s looks stupid. Wearing a blue wig can be pretty hot with an accompanying outfit but not too many men want to be seen every day with a bimbo who has purple hair. You might as well be walking around with a neon sign that says “I’m a Lesbian.” Here’s another clue. Men prefer long hair on a woman. If we wanted to be with someone who looked like a boy we’d become priests in the Catholic Church. And for the love of God don’t get a permanent. It makes you look like a poodle.

Ladies, you are generally pretty short compared to men and it can hurt a man’s neck to have to constantly look down on you so do wear heels when you’re clubbing. If you have ugly toes (because you want a delicate sandal shoe not clog heels) just go with a never can go wrong closed-toe pump with a 6″ heel. Guys like legs so short dresses and skirts should be the uniform of your weekend.

If you don’t know how to properly put on makeup break the bank and go to a few different locations and get makeovers paying close attention to how the makeup is applied and which one looked best on you. If you can get your girlfriend to film it for you. There really isn’t any excuse not to have nice finger and toenails. No blue.

Lots of young women have been complaining lately about not having boyfriends and men not approaching them. Maybe it is because they look like slobs. If you want prince charming, you’d better clean up your act and start looking a bit more like a princess instead of a tomboy.

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