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Well, I see we are off for 2019 with an expected “barb” from Mr. RINO himself, soon-to-be Senator Mitt Romney. He has declared that President Trump does not “…. have the character ….” ……………….. nor has he “…. risen to the mantle of the Oval Office ….”.

Ole Uncle Milty didn’t make his niece (RNC Chair) very happy with that comment. But did she honestly expect anything else? I see many days, months, maybe even years of family squabbling ahead.

I, and many others I am sure, were hoping for a good 2019. Of course, that was before the Demo-Socials emerged the winners of The House back in Nov.

I still feel some Paranoia about the security of the voting process whenever they win.

Even in their loss in 2016, I feel voting fraud was the prominent factor; when something is fixed and doesn’t work out, the fixers go ballistic. They could not believe their efforts did not ensure the win.

They still haven’t figured out how Trump’s team was able to overcome their hi-jinks. Well, that is just my opinion on that situation.

What we may be seeing ahead, is the worse battles in Congress for some time. The House, being majorly Democratic, and the Senate being majorly Republican, is a setting for absolute mayhem. The Democrats have shown no desire to compromise, nor do they wish to play the game of give and take in dealing.

And moreover, they have no qualms about lying or going back on their word.

They live for the moment wherein they live.

Tomorrow does not count, nor do you and I. And I certainly do not close my eyes to the fact that there are those in the Republican Party who lean close to the Democratic policies, or should we say ‘shenanigans’.

I speak of the Politicians in Washington D.C. that put themselves ahead of their Constituents. They think we don’t see it! A very Socialistic mindset; that feeling of being above the common folks.

In my opinion, anyone who stoops to personal attacks (verbal and physical), blatant lying, and manipulating of facts, is someone that should be considered unethical and immoral. Such persons should be investigated for an inability to perform their responsibilities as a Representative of the people.

In my opinion, it appears the Liberals expect to make the World perfect. That is perfect for them; where you have the Elite on one side of the tracks, and the common folk on the other side. Well, England and the Royals tried to put the “new world” in that bag, and they misjudged the fortitude and courage of those who set up camp on the shores of America.

I can envision today the same courage and fortitude in our Nation. The next Revolution, if it becomes physical or war-like, will be bloodier and nastier than the first AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

The Democratic Party and the RINO’S, have made a big mistake. They have underestimated the American people; they have underestimated the resolve of President Trump. If he does exhibit  ” lack of character “, and the ” mantel of the Oval Office “, perhaps it is time to except the fact that we The People are tired of the “phonies”, tired of the “politically correct”; and ready to embrace the new attitude of real transparency and shear honesty in dealing with the citizenry.

When he referred to the Swamp in D.C., he was speaking the truth. And the critters inhabiting the Swamp new exactly what he meant. Now they are running scared.

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