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I keep wondering why the press and RINO’s have been foaming at the mouth ever since Trump got elected. His track record as a president is actually pretty darn good. The economy is doing pretty well and certainly much better than during the Obama regime. North Korea hasn’t been detonating any nuclear weapons or shooting any missiles over Japan. By any measure President Trump is a pretty darn good president so why are some people trying so hard to rid the republic of a president who’s done a pretty remarkable job considering everything he is up against?

One of the loudest voices against the president is Hollywood and Hollywood might be the key to all of this. During the presidents first month in office about 1,500 pedophiles and human traffickers were arrested and the majority of those arrested were taken into custody in California. Since then Team Trump has continued to root out these people and bring them to justice. Who would be angry about that?

Long before Harvey Weinstein was exposed Corey Feldman tried to expose Hollywood for the wretched den of sick perversion it is. According to him, at every party and on every set children were being sexually abused by Hollywood elites. How did the Press respond to his claims? After they finished exploiting him they labeled him crazy and a drug addicted loser.

Harvey Weinstein’s behavior and similar behavior by others were not unknown by those in Hollywood. You might also recall that some of the biggest movers and shakers in Hollywood gave a standing ovation to a movie director/producer that escaped prosecution for pedophilia by escaping to Europe. Clearly, Hollywood has no real issue with pedophilia and hasn’t since the days of Errol Flynn. In fact, the phrase “in like Flynn” is a reference for Flynn’s preference for teenage girls.

The press follows Hollywood celebrities with unequaled tenacity. They literally camp outside of their homes and attend every party and event. Actors and many directors never get a moment of peace from the paparazzi or the press so how it is that the press didn’t know about the rampant pedophilia and exploitation of women?

It must be that the press knew yet remained silent.

With that in mind isn’t it at the very least plausible that some in the press took part in the pedophilia events? Clearly, at the very least, they turned a blind eye to it. How many among you were actually surprised to find out that Hollywood was exploiting women and children sexually? Probably not too many of you because I wasn’t remotely shocked or amazed. The only thing I found amazing was that they got caught and just look at who got implicated along with Weinstein.

But the press, who have been following these people around like their shadow didn’t have a clue about any of this right? Would you believe it was Reptilians?

Something stinks to high heaven about the press.

What if the press has been a part of the pedophile rings for years helping to cover it all up while helping themselves to some of the children? Is this the real reason why the mainstream media is so involved in trying to get Trump removed from office at any cost? Is that why publications like The Huffington Post promotes pedophilia as well as other sexual perversions?

And what about the RINO’s and super-rich GOP donors who have come out so strongly against a man who is doing conservative things in the White House? They can certainly afford to have sex with an 11-year-old girl or snuff out the life of a toddler. Someone is paying for these things or there wouldn’t be a market for them and sadly it is a very large and profitable market.

What are all of Trump’s foaming at the mouth enemies really afraid of? His wall? Really?

Or are they actually afraid of his second term in which he is less restrained and might expose the whole ball of wax? Remember the first thing Trump did when he took office was go after the pedophiles and these people have been foaming at the mouth since day one. Is there a correlation here? We may never know since the people who would be doing any investigation are the same people who need to be investigated. You know, just like within the government. Doesn’t seem to be a very independent press, does it?

So for all of you, amateur journalists out there looking for a story to crack you just might want to consider investigating members of the press. Somehow I get the feeling that there is something very dark under that shiny armor they have created for themselves through Hollywood TV shows and movies. And if I’m right, investigating the press might just make one of you rich and famous ….. or dead.

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