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Who knows who will win the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday? Hillary Clinton still appears to have small leads and modest enthusiasm behind her. Donald Trump is ahead in key states and his fans are highly enthusiastic. A coin-toss. But this is not a horse race where the winner and loser return to their stables and pastures after it’s over. Whoever wins will be our next president and his or her baggage will continue to affect us all.

Trump is a relative unknown, a successful businessman who has a tendency to let his mouth get ahead of mind. Is he a sexual predator or a white guy who will engage in locker-room talk (more accurately termed the white-man’s version of the black man’s verbal jousting-game called The Dozens)? More likely the latter and gosh folks, this issue just isn’t all that important in light of all the challenges our nation faces. Trump certainly professes a powerful vision, namely a more prosperous, healthy and safer America for ALL Americans, especially many urban blacks and Latinos whom he accurately depicts as victims of a cynical and self-serving politicians who benefit by assuring that many minorities remain wards of the state – living their lives amid drugs, violent gangs in free-free and retail-free zones that characterize many of their neighborhoods.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been in politics for nearly forty years. Unfortunately, she’s engaged in off-and-on selling of political influence whenever possible over the the entire period, starting in 1970’s Arkansas with Rose Law, Whitewater, commodity-based bribery and culminating in recent years with a high-stakes pay-for-play partnership with her husband Bill’s Clinton Foundation and/or in her role as Secretary of State. Along the way, she’s ignored and broken many laws, especially as they relate to keeping our nation’s secrets secret. And she’s never been held accountable for any of it. And in a nation supposedly based on laws and not on personalities, the Obama Administration and the Department of Justice are working overtime to protect her. An honest FBI is now in near-revolt. The bottom line is that Hillary believes she’s simply too special to be forced to observe laws that she believes are aimed at us commoners but not her. And so far, she’s been correct… a spectacle that goes to just how corrupt our government has become.

On the other hand, some seem to think that none of Hillary Clinton’s lawlessness will hamper her presidency. Unfortunately, this naive belief assumes that she’ll not be held accountable, but more important it assumes that we know more than we do. In other words, we don’t know the extent to which all her dirty laundry has been aired. And it appears there is much more as the FBI investigates 650,000 emails newly found on her assistant’s laptop – a laptop that was subpoenaed long ago but kept illegally hidden until a few weeks ago. Another example helps illustrate clearly this point, namely her self-serving and dubious claim that Vladimir Putin is behind the release of her (illegally stored on a home-brew server) emails via Wikileaks. Here’s the obvious rub behind this myth – shilled by President Obama himself. It’s not hard to imagine that the former KGB-officer and now Russian President Vladimir Putin would much rather have a President Clinton he can blackmail versus a President Trump who he cannot. Thus, there is no reason for Putin to embarrass Candidate Hillary before Tuesday’s election — and every reason for Putin to use purloined information — illegally left unsecured by Hillary — to blackmail a President Hillary later on.

Thus, despite all the other issues in this campaign, voters headed to the polls need to know that Hillary’s career of criminality would make her (and more important, America) a sure victim of blackmail. Plus continuing Wikileaks dumps, two ongoing criminal FBI probes and the coming Congressional investigations of her lawlessness will render her a lame-duck from the first day of her presidency.

This means that a vote for Clinton is a vote, at best, for continued gridlock in DC. It is also a vote for a likely constitutional crisis as the depth and breath of her lawlessness becomes increasingly clear to Americans as the mainstream media will finally have little choice but to report it — rather than seek to continue to keep her criminality under wraps or to somehow excuse it. Finally, a Clinton election assures ever more international challenges to the United States – challenges that always and inevitably result from American weakness.

So what can we do?

Those who agree with me can still help get out the vote against Hillary. Not needed for those who are already fans of Trump — they will already be at the polls. What’s needed is for those who know that what I’m explaining is true to get their friends, family, as well as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein supporters to the polls to vote for Trump – especially voters who understandably don’t like either candidate but who can understand the reality that that if Hillary Clinton wins, America will surely lose.

And then we must hope and pray.


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