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It is extremely unfortunate, though not surprising, that white students at Western Kentucky University allowed themselves to be guilt-tripped into voting for blacks to receive free tuition as payback for slavery.

Outrageously, Leftist controlled public schools have taught white students since kindergarten they were born racists; brainwashing them into feeling ashamed and guilty for their mythical “white privilege.”

Years ago, a white friend said her son came home from middle-school crying his eyes out about how mean his white forefathers were to everyone; blacks, women, Indians and so on. He concluded that white men were the greatest source of evil in the world. Today, her adult son is an America hating Communist.

Leading the charge for reparations (free tuition) at WKU is black student Andrea Ambam who said, “Right now there are historical obstacles in place that uniquely affect black Americans that make college so that it is not accessible. Universities love to use words like diversity and inclusion, but they fail to recognize how slavery, Jim Crow, segregation; how all these things still affect a lot of black youths today and make it very hard for them to get into college.”

As a 68 year old black successful, grateful and proud American, I ask, what the heck is this woman talking about? The Republican party was founded to oppose and eventually abolished slavery. Democrats vehemently fought to keep slavery alive. Democrats founded the KKK, Jim Crow and etc. If slavery, segregation and Jim Crow are still plaguing black youths today, it is because write-me-a-check-because-I’m-black con-artist Democrats like Ms Ambam keep bringing them up.

Despite white America’s Herculean efforts to heal our country’s racial wounds by electing Obama two times, con artists like Ms Ambam keep ripping off the scab and rubbing dirt into the wound. To get paid, Ms Ambam and her ilk seek to keep hate, guilt and racial division alive. Despicable. Ms Ambam’s brainwashed white peers say, “Right on sister, y’all should get free everything because America sucks!”

I am confident that man-on-the-street interviews with millennial blacks would reveal that most of them can not explain Jim Crow. The reality is Jim Crow is not relevant in their lives.

There are real issues plaguing black Americans, but they have nothing to do with slavery, Jim Crow or segregation. Speaking of segregation, black students are the ones demanding segregation on campuses.

Over 70% fatherless households, record-breaking black-on-black homicides, epidemic school dropouts, high incarcerations, high poverty and high unemployment are all the fruits of 40 years of blacks’ loyalty to voting for Democrats which has destroyed the black family.

Ms Ambam and her fellow Leftists actually harm and cripple blacks by filling their heads with victimhoodism. Leftists use (white) straw men to justify black failures. Real empowerment always coming from confronting the man (or woman) in the mirror.

My fellow Americans who are white, please find the courage to start saying no to these despicable Leftists who spout intellectual sounding gobbledygook in an attempt to extort funds.

American is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it. That is the blessing of America.

For decades, I have advised fellow blacks to, “Forget the victim crap and go for your dreams.”


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