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The national election is over and Donald Trump won. But as I wrote a few month ago for iPatriot, there were two elections and the other, equally as important, was the American voters’ referendum on the Main Stream Media.

All of the Media, with their Elite noses in the air, thought they could steer the presidential election in the favor and direction of their candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, at the expense of the American people. The Main Stream Media’s contempt for its audience was only trumped by its own hypocrisy. If any Republican candidate carried the baggage of corruption in nefarious donations into their charitable foundation from evil global despots and self-serving corporations, the Media would have excoriated him or her relentlessly.

But no, when it came to their candidate’s flaws and failures, the media met them with praise and adoration. Pay-for-Play at the Clinton State Department was passed over with hardly a glance. State Department mistakes in Benghazi ,that cost four American lives, and her blatant lies that followed, all ignored by an adoring national press corp and the TV news media. Classified government e-mails circulated like gossip were floated everywhere, but the Elites in the Media were there to defend her.

This wasn’t supposed to be an election for president, it was intended to be Hillary’s coronation into the White House, guaranteed by a consensus of the Main Stream Media Elites. Their goal was to have the first woman, to follow the first African American, as the leader of the free world, and to assure Obama’s trivial legacy of failed policies and Executive Orders would stand.

What is the penalty for journalistic fraud? Who decides what punishment? The Main Stream Media must be held accountable. There are no pardons for their kind of blatant bias, deliberate omissions of truth and corrupt polling. Their intentional misleading of the American people was not without malice.

The NY Times is not even worthy of lining the birdcage for a pet parakeet’s droppings. NBC News lost all reporting credibility, considering they didn’t have much to begin with. CNN can’t ever deny that they are truly the Clinton News Network and Wolf Blitzer lost his right to be believed or trusted ever again. At the very least press credentials should be revoked.

Time for us to report on the Media and the cesspool they win in. The smell is overwhelming.


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