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Ever have this feeling like no matter what you were being told or what assurances you were being given, something you were about to do was going to turn out horribly wrong? I bet you have (unless you’re very young). I had a feeling like that in the spring of 2008. I could see right in that moment that things were going to turn our horribly wrong.

It wasn’t like I didn’t like the guy. I didn’t. I had no opinion of him at all in fact I had never heard of him. And when I did and heard his name ……. I just couldn’t believe the nation would vote for that in November. And yet they did. They took a poor foreign student and raised him up from community organizer ( anyone know how much that job pays and where I can sign up? ) and after just a couple of years of campaigning …. er I mean being in the senate, elected him president. Oh happy day. The races will unite the country will be rich again and the Black messiah would be greater than even the founding father of our country. That stuff made my skin crawl.

Ah Obamacare such high hopes. Remember when the Affordable Care Act lowered medical costs? Remember how it got pushed through without a single Republican vote? It isn’t even fully initiated yet and what is left to initiate will not bring prices down but raise them. I know a lot of you had that feeling we were discussing earlier. You just knew this couldn’t possibly turn out well no matter what they told you at first. See your own doctor?

Some people knew wayyyyyy back in the 90’s that there was something amiss with the Clintons. They associated themselves with criminals and there is no other way to put that. Strange things happened around the Clintons and if you believe them they sailed through it all in a soap bubble hardly knowing what was going on around them. Bodies and bimbos piled up everywhere not to mention obvious insider trading. Drugs namely cocaine. Some knew. Some knew it wouldn’t turn out well and NAFTA is proof that it didn’t. Not to mention the country’s humiliation for having to impeach a standing president for perjury. Herman Cain could have been president if he had not been like Bill and Black and republican.

Has anyone noticed that all these potential time bombs are going off right now? I bet you have. Obama time bombs Clinton time bombs. Fewer people have houses. Fewer people have jobs. People have to pay for health insurance they’ll never be able to use (high deductibles). The moral fiber of the people is disintegrating. If we are still number one on the worlds political and economic stage we are only barely hanging on and everyone knows it. It has all come to pass as so many of us felt it would.



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