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There are three major areas of controversy for Donald Trump. They are his tax return, Trump University and all the craziness of the 2016 GOP Primary.

Tax return

The tax return is a tight rope for both Trump and the IRS.  The return is very complex and the IRS has a Lerner Problem, a problem with the new director, and past targeting of conservatives.

As I list a number of items and issues, ask yourself how much you know about the issue.

  1. The number of states and countries where income originated.
  2.   Types of businesses
  3. Involvement of real property
  4. Deletion and depreciation allowances,
  5.  Bonds
  6.  stocks
  7. Royalties
  8.  collectibles
  9. business tax credits
  10. contributions: both charitable and non charitable.

These items can be part of any return,  but most people have only a very small fraction of what Mr. Trump has.  Mr. Trump’s return  will cover more pages of the IRS code then most. There is nothing shady or dishonest.  Trump is very diversified. Mitt Romney was more of just a paper handler

Trump U

Is Trump U any different then any other non-profit or profit school of the past ten years? How many students have high education debt, because there are few new jobs or the students have the wrong majors?  The teacher or instructor  are only part of the problem. Students have to show at least some willingness on their own to study,attend class, and search for a job. The 2008 crash and actions since caused by Obama, have controlled the new job market as well as the real estate market, Not all areas of the country are equal in opportunity. It might require moving.

Trump was right in questioning the judge. If the judge is appointed by Obama, connected to La Raza, and gave money to the Clinton Foundation he could be biased. Has Obama ever appointed anyone who  did not agree with him or pass him? If I disagree with Hillary, Obama, and Shumer or Reid, on immigration, guns, climate or any other issue; does that make me a sexist or racist?

The third area of controversy is how the primaries were set up and so many candidates.

Trump beat nine governors or ex-governors,  five senators or ex=senators, one CEO and one doctor. Trump was the only  one who has not held public office. Trump won because of splits between the others. I say splits because  the stands on issues was close between some of the sixteen and  Trump.  Modern communication, the media, and just bringing up a doubt had an impact. Trump chanced some of his statements between the beginning and end of the primaries, would this have changed any votes? Trump did not mention the Constitution as much as the others, how will he rule if elected?

Trump has made conflicting  statements concerning women and minorities. Does separation of abortion from Planned Parenthood create a lie? Trump took back his comment on the NC bathroom bill, but how does he feel about LBGT? He now says he will protect Christians 100 percent. Does this mean separating general services and employment from private services, no lawsuits for defending your religious beliefs?


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