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The call of the mild… 

Jack London, in his story of Buck the great dog, extolled the virtues of being the kind of rough-and-ready guy that this country once had…in abundance.   Buck morphs into a wild dog, having to fight others for his very existence in the Klondike of the days of the gold rush.   It’s a very good story written by a very good author and, if I may suggest, an author that every man should know through his writings.   Today, in our weak-kneed society with its political correctness and incompetent governing, we could accurately be called the call of the mild.    We have virtually surrendered our manhood in favor of “feelings”.  

Feelings are fine, there’s nothing wrong with them, but when feelings replace thinking or beliefs, there’s trouble on the horizon.   Everyday you’ll hear people say that they “feel” this or that way about something, when what they mean is that they THINK or BELIEVE this or that about something.   Today’s society, apparently, cannot comprehend the idea of thoughts or beliefs in “the common man”, so feelings are substituted.  

Take, as an example, Hussein’s government and the idea of transgender bathrooms.  One just has to express the “feeling” that today you “feel” like a member of the opposite sex and you have the law on your side to do something really stupid…or worse.   I know several women that, if they saw a man in their restroom, would be able to handle the situation because they are armed…and that situation is one where mere physical strength is not the factor that it used to be because a gun in the hand levels the playing field very nicely.

The call of the mild is getting louder every day.   Newspapers, which used to be a mainstay in keeping up with the news, have given way to television news which, in turn, has given way to smartphones and their ability to put a computer in your hand, so you get all the news instantly.   Social networks have appealed to the masses because, as a mild person, you don’t have to face anyone…you don’t have to have an actual opinion, because you’re being told what your opinion is!   It’s probably the worst-kept secret that the mainstream media in the United States is no longer objective.   Their objective, for the moment, is to elect Hillary Clinton as President…and therein lies the rub as Shakespeare said, because a “free press” can never exist in a wannabe dictator’s realm.

In 1918 US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson is purported to have said, “The first casualty when war comes is truth.”   Once truth is out of the way, and the media is controlled, as it almost is now, the government can then spew out whatever it wants the public to know and believe.   George Orwell in his 1984 spelled it out quite clearly and, if you look about, you’ll see that a large portion of what he predicted is now in effect…and more is to come, depending upon the next President.   The famous saying about ignoring history and then repeating it, also comes into play now.   It seems to me that our government, regardless of which party is in power, doesn’t learn anything from history.

Middle America is highlighted about every four years, when it’s time for the politicians to come out of the woodwork and acknowledge that there’s “something” between New York City and Los Angeles.   In the interim the responsibility of looking after the people in that area falls to the duly-elected officials in the state and federal levels…and that’s where many a plan goes awry.  Someone is elected, based on the presumption that they will do good…and they do very well, for themselves.   Very few politicians come out of office in the same financial bracket as when they went in.   The opportunities for graft and corruption are legion…and there’s damn few that do not take advantage of them.

My thinking is that the last truly honest politician was Harry Truman.   He might have been a bulldozer to his enemies, of which there were many, but he did right by the country.   At a time when it was thought that an invasion of the Japanese homeland could result in the loss of about a million American troops, he was “offered” an alternative…the atomic bomb.   It was a case of lose American lives or Japanese lives, and you know which way the choice was made.   To our credit, the Japanese homeland was bombarded with leaflets explaining what was to come if they did not surrender.   The bomb was never described accurately but there was little left to the imagination by the leaflets.

Truman was from Middle America.   He had the values of that section of the country.  He knew what war was because he had served in World War One.   He knew about small business because he had one.   He brought Middle America to the White House and most of the country felt secure with him at the helm of the ship of state.   He took over, as history shows, when FDR died, and was thrust into a world he knew little about, but he took command and we came out on top.   Middle America, the heartland, the breadbasket…whatever you want to call it, that’s the temperament needed in these tumultuous times.  Three cheers for flyover America!


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