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Alistair Mortimer had a long string of comments in a recent article on Infowars. I answered one with a short note saying:

“It is interesting, however, that in all your detailed research you don’t mention that the Rothschilds are all related, by blood or marriage to all these “christian” families. It is a little like speaking of Microsoft without mentioning the founder and organizer, Bill Gates.”

He replied to that, but instead of staying silent, like most do when confronted with “a self proclaimed expert,” I responded.

Soon after Disqus said the page was “not found” “Uh Oh, something went wrong”, and attached to that was one of their movie memes which distract writers from studying the blatant censorship hidden. (They have various, and I think I’ve seen them all).

My reply was: “I am happy that you acknowledge their existence, but you dismiss their power. Their tactics of global usury, adopted by the families you mention, now control all the worlds banks. It is like saying Bill Gates is no longer Microsoft. Of course he is.”

That was again followed by a response challenging me to prove what I said. I responded, that challenge mysteriously opened the page again, but my response closed it again. I said:

“Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. Alistair Mortimer. I tried to access the original page and it was “unavailable” to me. My evidence would serve you, and not be seen and evaluated by those who would question your point of view. But I do have your feed and I will respond, and publish my findings elsewhere. I have and will put forth the evidence in other articles. I do believe in transparency and the light of day.

What is Usury? Usury is infinite interest. Do you dispute that claim? When a banking system can borrow 5 and lend the same money out 20 times, charging 20% or more but paying less than 3% each time it is lent, that is an interest rate received of 340%. The banking system is founded on usury from the fraudulent reserve rate to the capitalization required of all banks.

The Rothschilds have lent to governments with conditions for the “nation’s prosperity” (whatever the nation happens to be) and to qualify for lower rates, which are backed primarily or totally by the nation’s own future productivity) to include austerity problems and certain “conditions” for compliance with the terms of the agreement. That is also usurious and fraudulent “backing” because the lender takes NO risk, and the borrower takes all, including his future.

In the board of directors of all central “federal reserve” banks, there are those who administer and those who control. Even the chairman of those boards know that they will do what is “recommended” by the organizing and controlling body. And that body is controlled by the directives of the Rothschilds, whether by their name or by their local agent.

Power structures may change, but a fraudulent scam that works does not.”

Then he said, if you continue, I will just block you. I responded: Block me — that is always the answer for the dynamically ignorant. What you can’t debunk, you must censor.

You are derailing the discussion. Money is the quantity of value transferred by any and all means. Printed currency is less than 1% of the money. Even though the printing press analogy (saying that the Rothschilds don’t even own a printing press) is irrelevant, the global usurers even control the amount of money permitted to be printed by the treasuries.

You obviously have no knowledge of the classic definition of usury, as highlighted by Shakespeare in the merchant of Venice. Shylock was a usurer, even if the interest charged was 0 because the risk was disproportional. He risked his goods, Antonio risked his life, which means all his goods, past, present and future.

I assumed you are knowledgeable about the banking system, so your ire, ad hominem, insults, and ad baculum is based on ignorance and not sheer stupidity and malice, so I will explain, as I have in my web page:

In the current banking system, when a person makes a loan for a house (for instance) he puts up a down payment of 20% of the house. That down payment is multiplied by the reserve so that is lent as much as 20 times. So, the 20% is multiplied by 20 giving 400% money that did not exist before. That is 4 times the money that the bankers need to cover the house. He can control 4 houses with just the down payment. And the same applies when you deposit your money.

They multiply it through the reserves. They don’t need a printing press. The money is made out of thin air. And it is because of that fraud that they can reduce the total quantity of money in all the world, by simply raising the reserve rates for all the central banks throughout the world causing stock market crashes, recessions and depressions, when they want to harvest the real wealth that people borrowed risking their own money and their time, effort and energy to make the true value of their acquisitions grow.

Yes, of course the modern banking system is based on fraud. Everybody suspects it nobody says for fear of “being blocked.” Or in the case of presidents, of being killed.

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