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The frantic parade by the politicians to foist a tax on the carbon we emit as we use energy should be a clue to what is really behind this nonsense. All of the Harold Hill’s of the world are shouting the evils of “pool” and there are really some simple questions that are simply being ignored. Even though there are reputable scientists saying the concept is a scam and that such phenomena as the sun’s variations have a far greater impact, since the sun can’t be taxed we’ll just ignore that.

Let’s consider something very basic that we all see every day in the summer. When the weather gets hotter the grass grows faster. Anybody who mows grass knows this. So if the weather got warmer and the plants grew faster wouldn’t they use more carbon dioxide? Wouldn’t the plants using more carbon dioxide mean less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Politicians don’t mow their own grass so they may not be aware of this phenomena and being only interested in whether they can get a bunch of followers to vote for them really could care less if there is any truth in global warming.

Doesn’t it strike you strange that there have been seven ice ages long before man started using fossil fuel? Doesn’t it seem odd that politicians are concerned about the temperature of the whole earth but cannot grasp that the debt they are running up will make our currency disappear in a much shorter period of time?

Global warming is a political ploy to justify another taxing bonanza and that is the heart of the matter. How will we know if cutting emissions and charging taxes and exchanging credits will do any good? What if this hoax actually works in reverse and we need to warm the climate and may be accelerating an ice age arrival? Besides living in Iowa and experiencing an Iowa winter that was less brutal really wouldn’t be all that bad now would it?

With energy costs skyrocketing from the passing on of energy taxes how will we keep warm if it doesn’t get warmer? This whole myth of global warming that billions are willing to take on faith in of all things politicians and their lackey “scientists” is a sad reflection on the curiosity of the human mind. You watch how concerned global warming will become once the tax structure gets implemented.


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