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For as long as Donald Trump remains president, Democrats will not stop trying to remove him from office. They will never admit defeat and will never cease trying to undermine the president at every step.

And, because of this, a new precedent has been set in the political arena. We said early on in Trump’s presidency, that everyone will eventually be forced to pick a side. Neutral bystanders will no longer be allowed to exist. Partisanship will be forced upon all the citizenry.

Shortly after Trump was elected, the attacks on him started to ramp up. So nakedly egregious is the injustice of the left, that people who were not previously Trump supporters are beginning to come to his defense.

At first, many conservatives defended Trump regarding policy alone, but now, it’s just full-throated defense of a president who deserves none of the slings and arrows being hurled his way. The attacks are so virulent that they now threaten our republic. The attacks against Trump are no longer just directed at him but at the very office itself.

This, if the left is at all interested, is what a real constitutional crisis looks like.

What right or authority under the Constitution has the legislative branch to demand a private citizen’s personal and confidential tax information? No right of course, but none of our founding documents mean a thing anymore to the left. Their mission to destroy Trump supersedes any and all legality, constitutionality, or sense of right and wrong.

This is a classic and overt democrat hit-job on the Executive branch and a classic case of compiling evidence in search of a crime. And if they still cannot find an impeachable offense, the Dems will then just leak Trump’s personal information to the press.

Judges are no longer members of an impartial and independent judiciary. They are leftist operatives, advocates and members in good standing of the Democrat party. It’s why these judges who rule against Trump just happen, by sheer coincidence, to be Obama appointees. What are the odds?

The leftist press has been trumpeting that over 800 former federal prosecutors drafted a letter stating that Trump did obstruct justice. That sounds like a lot, but as Mark Levin states, it’s just a fraction of the total of thousands, if not tens of thousands of former prosecutors. Put in context, it’s not a big deal or a large number – but we’ll never hear that from the left.

We’ve seen countless Democrats take to the nearest microphone to exclaim, like Nancy Pelosi, that Trump obstructed justice. Yet strangely, she’s not been asked by the wholly incurious mainstream press – obstruction of what? Just what criminal investigation is he guilty of obstructing – because you can’t obstruct justice without first having an underlying crime. So what’s the crime, Nancy?

The State of New York is passing a law to force the president to release his personal tax information. It is illegal, under all circumstances, to pass a federal or state law aimed at one individual. They know this, but their naked partisanship will not allow them to stop short of breaking the law themselves.

This is what is meant by post-constitutional. If the Democrats, either State or federal, can craft laws aimed at a single individual, we no longer have any foundational principals. The law is today whatever they want it to be, and can just as easily change tomorrow.

What we are witnessing today is the most heinous act of betrayal of an election, an electorate, a presidency and of the Constitution this country has ever experienced. All other scandals pale in comparison. It’s not even close.

We are in a post-constitutional period. And the precedents these democrats are setting are so tyrannical that this “period” may become permanent. There may be no way to put this genie back in the bottle. Or put another way – there may be no stopping this ball from rolling further toward tyranny.

I liken it to Newton’s first law of motion or the law of inertia. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

We are that unbalanced force. If we are unable to, not just slow, but stop this runaway train, it’s not hyperbole to say that our republic, as we know it, will be lost. What the Democrats are doing is just that serious.

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