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I find it rather curios that people are so misinformed, as to believe in Alien life forms and UFO’s. For a nation to announce that it is Christian, and yet believe in the un-biblical hocus-pocus such as Reptilian-Aliens etc. never ceases to amaze me. It just shows that the majority do not read, nor do they believe their Bibles. To believe that God is the creator, and that all created life came from Him, and that this Earth is the only fallen world. Any other life out there, and there is life and other inhabited worlds as spoken here: Joh 14:2 In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

There are other life forms, a mansion is a dwelling place, but for any unfallen created being, outside of an Angel dispatched specifically with a message, to come to this fallen world, would be against God Himself. They also would not want to interact with sinful beings. Their highest honor is to obey God in all things. For any Alien life form to come here, and interact with human beings is nothing but a FARCE. Yet there are many who make this claim. They are hypnotized and supposedly recall all kind of interactions with Alien beings, but this is just that a subconscious deception perpetrated by Satan himself for the deception of the masses.

The same is also true for the supposed UFOs that people claim to see, and I have witnessed two strange things myself, but they are not Aliens, they are fallen Angels masquerading as what the mind want to believe. Wake Up planet Earth, there will never be any unfallen and the key word here is “HOLY” being interact with fallen humanity. To believe this garbage is to invite a deceived mind. The only beings that come to this Earth are dispatched Angels with a specific purpose, but then they usually only interact with a single person, even the one who entered Sodom and Gomorrah, interacted only with Lot and his family.
The HOLY from the heavens do NOT interact with the “unholy” fallen race, to do so would be going against God Himself. Their one and only joy is to OBEY God, and to please Him, they would not play with the unfallen. These manifestations of UFOs and Aliens are NOT what you think they are. Yes it does happen, but it is not from Gods creation, but from another perceived creation, not really created but manifested as a believable tangible substance. BUT it is for the purpose of deception, and many are falling for it! Regardless of MUFON and other entities like them, there is no national verified PROOF that any such being exist. You can make a documentary about dead skin on the arch of your foot, and it would be more believable. To those who believe and follow such nonsense, is proof of the efficiency of MKULTRA. Many people around the world spend countless hours trying to prove through organizations like SETI, that there are alien beings trying to contact us, or at least they are trying to prove such whimsical nonsense. The very FACT that SETI exist, is proof that there has to date been no contact. SO what are all the lights in the skies? Some secret military craft maybe, but they could just be fallen angels masquerading as angels of light, it would be more believable than little grey men from outer space. There have been countless hours spent on a soft sofa, with countless Dr’s, and many stories told, but to date none have ever been really verified as unequivocally sound. The soldiers who saw the lights in Germany, who swear that what they witnessed was something they could not explain. Can you explain why this was only a story, and not a major world herald?

I have personally witnessed things that I could not explain. I spent 23 months on the Continent of Antarctica, and I have seen things across the tundra I could not explain. Mirages maybe! I have seen live fish with NO blood in them whatsoever, only a natural antifreeze for blood. Yet I have seen them, therefore I believe it. I however have never personally witnessed a GREY, nor do I wish too. I know what they would be, so they will never manifest to me, because I cannot be deceived by them. Even if one knocked on my front door and telepathically asked me to enter I would not believe them. All created beings, all in which God made, of all of them ONLY the human race fell into “sin”, all other created beings, and that includes the Angels who are created beings, NONE have fallen except man. Ask yourself this question, IF I WERE A HOLY BEING who lived in the presence of Gods creation, with the ability to travel by thought to any world of my desire, would I go to the Earth where I know that Satan himself dwells? Of my own volition would I even dare approach the Creator, to request such a mission. Don’t you think God would ask you why? Why would you want to go to Earth, where the fallen Angel resides? What excuse would you give? The fact is they do not interact with humanity, unless God specifically dispatches them for His will to be effected. Any other life form throughout Creation would not dare set foot on this Planet to interact with humanity. Another point supposedly occurred at Roswell, where three Greys killed three men when they were encountered by them. Then the supposed underground war with the so called Reptillians. What is the Sixth commandment of the Creator? It’s Thou Shalt not Kill!

If these so called Aliens in any way shape or form bring about the death of just one human being, they cannot be from Gods creation, but are of another manifestation, that is NOT of God. What does that tell you about the so called Alien encounters where human life has been snuffed out? If indeed the stories are true, which I do not believe they are, and if they are it’s not any unfallen creature committing these acts of death. Gods creatures all except man, obey His commandments completely, they would NOT kill without the command to do so. Yes Angels have killed, one in particular killed 185,000 Assyrians in one night, but it ws because they had been weighed in the balances of Heaven, and found wanting, so their time and thei ticket was punched by Gods command, and only by Gods command. We do not know what an Angel looks like. When they came to Earth to interact with man, they took the bodily figure of a man. All through out the bible, Angels appeared as an average man. God said that He made man in His own image. What do you think the INFINITE mind of God used to make such a hideous being as the Alien appears to be. Completely out of per-potion in every respect. Head, Arms, Legs, Eyes and so forth. God does not make beings, however since it is beyond Satan’s capability to create proportionally as does God, he can attempt to create, but it is never as perfect as Gods creation. Satan amalgamates instead of Create. He also instigates amalgamation that’s why today scientist are trying to mix gene pools to create the Chimeras you read about. The mixing of species is one of his specialties.

Until man realizes that his Creator is in charge, he will attempt to be in charge himself, and that leads to destruction. Mankind has been duped into believing any and all things his eyes seem to witness. Personally for me to believe that REAL UFO’s exist, with little grey aliens onboard. One would have to hover over my head and call me by name. THERE SIMPLY IS NO SUCH THING!

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